Twitter is Like Life

No, I don't mean that Twitter IS life, just that we can find some surprising similarities. Upon further examination, I discovered more than I noticed at first glance - so, whether you're a #twizard, #twirate, or are even vaguely familiar with Twitter, I think you'll enjoy this. You see, Twitter is like life...

You do your best to document every important moment. Sometimes, people like to read about your achievements  and sometimes they don't. No matter the situation there, someone will be there to reply with a congratulations. All of us have our favorite moments.

Twitter is like life. You follow the people you admire or are interested in, and the people who are interested in you follow your activity. But, no matter how many people you follow, you aren't any better than the next person. You don't mean more than someone else.

Twitter is like life. It has its highs and lows. There are always the people who belong in certain areas, and the people who don't. You'll always be included in certain lists, and excluded from others. But no matter what, someone will always be there to retweet you.

Twitter is like life. Sometimes random, creepy people follow you, and you're forced to submit a report. You choose an image that represents you, and work with it. Sometimes, you find a new direction in life, and you change up that image.

Twitter is like life. You don't have to be famous for the occasional well-known person to take interest in you. You can reach out to anyone, and only hope for a response. You make new friends and acquaintances, and you learn to enjoy yourself. And the best and worst parts will always be the people.

Twitter is like life. What you say and do affects your public perception. You can be retweeted, quoted, favorited, and replied to, but your image is still dependent on you. Courtesy is always essential.

Twitter is like life. Sometimes, you reply to every person you can. Other times, you ignore someone. Sometimes, you start replying to a conversation, and sometimes you just observe. No matter what the case, your friends and followers will always have your back.

Twitter is like life. Your numbers don't define your limits. A high tweet count doesn't always mean intelligence, and a low tweet count doesn't always mean immaturity. And no matter how many times something is retweeted, people really only see it once.

Twitter is like life. Self-promotion isn't wrong, just don't get too crazy. People either follow you or they don't, but they aren't always set in stone on their decisions.

Twitter is like life. Sometimes what you said should've been better thought out before you tweeted it. Oftentimes, things go best with a picture. And most importantly, something funny can lighten everyone's day.

Twitter is like life. You have to be careful how you act, what you say, and who you talk to. Some conversations simply belong in Direct Messages. And no matter how hard you try to avoid the drama, it will always find you.

Twitter is like life. Followers can be tough to deal with, and some people just need to be blocked. Don't ever be afraid to use your report button. Just remember, the golden rule still applies: Tweet others and you would like to be tweeted.

Twitter is like life. What you say is forever and always, so choose your words carefully. Your characters are limited, so say it while you can. Just remember, everybody else has a block button, too.

Twitter is like life. Once you've started, the only ways out are inadvisable. So tweet, and enjoy every moment of it. Keep your friends close, and your blocked enemies closer. Add a smile emote wherever possible.

Twitter is like life. An account is very fragile, and might be frozen or expired at any time, so hold onto your tweets and your friends tightly. Always keep your wits about you, but tweet like there's no tomorrow.


  1. Twitter is like the road. You can't possibly read every sign, and there is no certainty that what you read was at all correct. It's up to you to choose what to read, and furthermore, what to trust.

    Twitter is like a lucid dream. When you want one, it never happens, but the urge appears at the most inopportune moments. When it happens, it takes sheer will for it to end.

    Twitter is like a flea at times - you swat, flick, and oftentimes yell in frustration at its presence, and you can't get rid of it once it's taken to you.

    Loved this post! :)

  2. The only thing I don't like at Twitter is the character limit. Man if I want to write like an funny poem, to explain something someone; I can't.

    Exept that I like Twitter, better than Facebook IMO.


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