MPM, 175 Followers, and Magmapalooza Winners!

Well, a couple of contest here at Swordroll's Blog have ended, and I've yet to post the winners here! With tons of wands and crowns up for grabs, you're going to want to know if you got lucky in the drawings!

Winners are as follows:

Wizard101 US
Grand Prize: 5,000 Crowns, Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Viridian Scepter - Tyler Ravenhorn
 First Place: 1,000 Crowns, Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Viridian Scepter - Scarlet Deathpetal 
Second Place: Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Staff of the Imperator - Christina Shadowflame
Third Place: Goldenbeak Sword, Dragonclaw Blade, Staff of the Imperator - Andrew Sunstone
Fourth Place: FOG Staff - Joshua Jaderunner
Fifth Place: Warpwood Wand - Victoria Rubystaff
 Runners Up: Dragonclaw Blade - Blaze Dragonhunter, Kathrin Siverpetal

Grand Prize: 10,000 Crowns - Clever Luke Lawson
 First Place: 1,000 Crowns - Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux 
Second Place: Exclusive Ninja Pig Companion - James Dragoncatcher

Magmapalooza (Wizard101 UK)
Magma Pea Seed - Kimberly S.
Magma Pea Seed - Nicolas C.
Magma Pea Seed - Jake G.
Magma Pea Seed - Blaze F.

10,000 Crowns - SorceressMiklai

Emails are being sent out today and tomorrow with your codes. If you're curious about any terms and conditions regarding those, you should see the post of the specific contest listed. Thanks for participating!

You can expect a new contest, as well as post count, to pick up shortly here. Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Wow! Thank you so very much, Swordroll :)

    Congrats to all the winners, too!

    I look forward to reading and seeing future posts. Keep 'em coming!


  2. oh wow i never win anything like these, thanks dude....i've never heard of the goldenbeak blade before what site offered it?

  3. Thank you so much swordroll. I have not won any contests in my life. Thank you. Tyler Ravenhorn

  4. Thank you Swordroll! I am Christina ShadowFlame, so glad to win :)

    Keep the contests! Congrats to other winners, too! :D


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