Bundles Go Live For Wizard101 UK!

Are you a Wizard101 UK player? One of the worst things that UK players have to watch in the US is the creative bundles that KingsIsle creates - before now, UK players never had access to them. But now, that's changing! Bundles are becoming available online - and now's the perfect opportunity to buy!

Right now, the first four Wizard101 Bundles are available on the Wizard101 UK website for purchase. The others are on their way in the future! The bundles currently available include the Epic Bundle, the Mega Bundle, the Super Bundle, and the Hawkrider Bundle.

Unlike in the US, Wizard101 UK bundles are purchased via the website with crowns. Each bundle is 30,000 crowns, except for the Hawkrider Bundle, which is 22,500 crowns. 
The Epic Bundle is the "original bundle." It was the first one ever created. It has some neat gear modeled after the arena Commander gear and a cool mount. It has a Fierce Hound pet, a free minigame kiosk, and additional housing slot elixir. The highlight is the huge Massive Fantasy Palace, which multiple secret passages and plenty of space to decorate. This also adds 30 days of Wizard101 Club membership to your account!

The Mega Bundle was the second bundle created. It has a Flying Carpet mount, Snake in a Basket pet, some genie gear for any level, as well as a magical casting flute. The house is the Sultan's Palace. It, like the Massive Fantasy Palace, has a dueling arena. However, this house has a Genie that gives free items to you everyday! This also included an additional housing slot elixir.

The Super Bundle is the third bundle. It has the Great Hornocerous mount, which was the first two-person mount created. It also has a giraffe pet, Dancing Blade weapon, and Chieftain's Attire. This house has a Gorilla that gives items every day, as well as a dueling arena, AND it comes with a teleport tapestry housing item to the Arena! Plus, you get your 30 days of membership and additional housing space elixir. 

The Hawkrider Bundle is a little bit different. It's a bit cheaper, and has no house. It gives a high-flying hawk mount, a Hawkrider Claymore weapon, and Hawkrider's gear. It also comes with a Night Hawk pet, and a teleport tapestry to the Bazaar! You also get your 30 days of Club membership!

There are quite a few impressive items in these bundles that I know you'll love - and it doesn't stop here! There are more bundles on their way, so get yourself started with these!

You can learn more information about these bundles HERE and buy them HERE. Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Look @ the house in the W101UK epic bundle... what?!

  2. if i buy the epic bundle and i'm from the us will it work??

    1. It will work from the US, but you CAN NOT get it in the US version of the game, only the UK version. But it does work from here.


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