Magmapalooza Begins in Wizard101 UK!

No matter which version of Wizard101 you play, you know that creating impressive pets requires an impressive number of snacks - and those can be hard to come by! One in-game activity, however, usually influences another. For example, gardening is a great way to obtain reagents for crafting, or treasure cards for duels... or pet snacks for training!

Well, I personally know that we don't all have the crowns to purchase as many Evil Magma Pea (EMP) seeds as we'd like, but what if your Wizard101 UK official fansites could get you just a little bit closer? Turns out, Antonio Lotusblood from Wizard101 World happened to think that same thing.

Through coordination with the Gameforge team and the rest of the official fansites, we are now able to bring you Magmapalooza 2013! During this event, we'll be helping you master those gardening techniques with your new Evil Magma Pea seeds! By extension, you'll be able to finally craft those items you've have your eye on, or trains those pets that aren't your favorite.

During the month of January, which will now hopefully permanently become the month for Magmapalooza, you have three things to look forward to that should help you with those gardens!

First, get ready for some farming time with your fansite owners and Gameforge! That's right! You'll see a couple of us (very likely Mason Swiftblade or Antonio Lotublood) available to farm with you throughout Avalon, but specifically at these bosses: Ogre, Caoranach the Fire Spitter, Harlequin Knight, Sir Terrance Thornwhip, and Viridian the Vile. You might also catch some of Gameforge (probably Thrace or Anemsalok) running around, or even helping you out with fights!

Join in on the farming fun every Friday and Saturday from 5 PM to 7 PM GMT. The realm and farming areas will be announced on a game-wide message at these times.

Second, watch your Wizard101 UK fansites for free EMP seed giveaways every week! All throughout January, we'll be giving away Evil Magma Pea seeds! You might get them in-game around run times, or through the official fansites, so keep an eye out, and attend the events for sure! Some giveaways are already going on! The fansites participating are as follows: Mason's Journal, Wizard101 World, Swordroll's Blog, Legends of the Spiral UK, and Stars of the Spiral.

Third, stay tuned for gardening posts all throughout January! I'm not sure what the plans are for the other fansites, but be sure to check Swordroll's Blog for some gardening posts with tips, tricks, and more. You'll see a few of these all month, and they'll cover everything from obtaining rare seeds and what to garden to setting up your plots and effectively using your energy to maximize harvests! Don't miss them!

It's Magmapalooza 2013, so get excited! If you have questions about Magmapalooza, you can ask them here or at the Wizard101 UK Board. If you have questions regarding how each fansite will be giving away their seeds or participating in Magmapalooza, you can address those with the fansite owners individually. Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I don't see what is so special at this Magma Peas judging they give an mega snack barely at Elder.

    1. Here's why you'd want EMPs. For one, they're crown items, so you're saving yourself money by getting them as drops or from giveaways.

      Second, EMPs give a range of things. For example, if you're a PvPer, you might be facing problems with those -90% weaknesses or constant opponent shielding. Maybe you didn't train Tower Shield. EMPs have a chance to give Cleanse Charm, Earthquake, Feint, Pierce, Poison, Polymorph Ninja Pig, Tower Shield, and Triton treasure cards. What you don't use, you can sell to the Bazaar for some extra gold.

      Not into dueling? How about crafting? This plant gives some ideal reagents for some of those intermediate crafting quests. Black Lotus, Pearl, Aether, Aquamarine, Golden Pearl, Sandstone, Scrap Iron, and Sunstone are all possibilities. Again, if you don't like crafting, the Bazaar will give you some nice gold for those.

      If you're a serious PvPer or you just need a little bit of extra help soloing world, a good pet is essential. At Epic, these plants give a guaranteed Rank 9 snack. With all of the EMP's likes, you can get to Elder in less than 6 days. It takes 55 energy to take care of one, approximately 30-plot garden. So, with a bit of energy gear, you could do two of those. Or, better yet, use the 69-plot method and you can do a total of 138. That means you get 138 Mega Snacks in less than 6 days. You've just saved yourself about $50 in that time on Mega Snack Packs. Sure, you'll have to work for the seeds, but there are people with 180 using this method today.

      They also will definitely reseed at Elder. That means you never lose them, you'll always get your seed back to replant.

      So now, I'm sure you see that EMPs are quite useful, no matter what you're interested in.


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