The Tribal Crew Pack!

Pirate101 is on its way to matching Wizard101's features and options in-game! They started with PvP, and have now introduced the first live pack. In beta, one pack existed, but it hasn't been moved to live. This new pack uses a new redemption screen, suggesting that more packs are being created and reworked. So, what comes in this new Azteca-themed pack? You're going to want to take a look!

The brand new pack was released just yesterday with this message:

From the depths of the Aztecosaur ruins come the Companions, Mounts and more from the Tribal Crew Pack! The first game card pack to hit Pirate101 is loaded with tons of goodies, and your Pirate has a chance to gain cool new items like: Aztecosaur Companions, Mounts, Gear, Weapons, Pirate Treasures that can be sold at vendors for gold, Housing Items, Pets, Training Tomes, and More!

That's right - no unneeded treasure cards, low-level reagents, or anything of the sort. In fact, nothing in this pack is available anywhere else in-game!

The highlight is these five, brand new companions. There is one for each class. These powerful companions start with one power and one epic talent. They each have two promotions, the first one offers either another power or a power upgrade as well as two more epic talents, and the second promotion offers another epic ability. And trust me, the potential talent combinations here are nothing to sneeze at.

I spent a comfortable twelve dollars on the pack, mainly because it was Pirate101's first pack, and crowns are on sale and all. I made out quite well, actually. I snagged two of the companions, the Privateer and Musketeer, which are pictures above. I received all five of the mounts, all three of the pets, and several other neat items.

The companions are very neat. The attacks do not disappoint  and if you've seen Friendly's recent post, you'll know that even the dances on these guys are something you can't miss.

The above is the Witchdoctor companion - not bad, hmm? He is modeled after Wizard101's Grim Calaca. In fact, all five of these are modeled after Wizard101 Azteca mobs, and each currently have three variations.

The above photo here is the Buccaneer companion. It, like the other companions, has loads of great epic options. This one has Vengeance Strike, Relentless, Blade Storm, and Flanking, as well as a critical strike power.

What else comes in the packs? There are some pretty nice items, actually. First, you ought to understand what things look like in the pack. Here's a photo of an opened pack:

As you can see, you have the cards and rarities, as well as the item type, portrait photo, and item name. You can receive three sets of gear, one with no armor talent requirements, one requiring heavy armor, and one requiring light armor. There are housing items, and mounts, too. The top left item is something new. This item is simply a treasure. It goes in your backpack - it can't be worn or placed in a house, only sold to a vendor for gold. However, these sell for between 500 and 6000 gold, so they're worth their slots.

The five mount cards are shown above - the Citrine Ankylosaur, Jade Ankylosaur, and Hunting Puma are rare, while the Garnet Ankylosaur and Golden Jaguar are Ultra Rare. See a mount reward? Get excited! There are not rental mounts in this pack.

There are also pets. They each have the same stats and the same epic ability (Cheat Shop), but each have a unique look that I think you'll be interested in! There's a Skeletal Sky Snake, Scorpion, and Bone Dragon!

Here's a photo of the pet cards, and something else that comes in the pack - Training Tomes. There are rewards that give 1 tome, 3 tomes, and 5 tomes.

Finally, the pack comes with a variety of Azteca-themed furniture! These unique pieces make decorating houses easy! You're homes will either be completely and fully decorated... or overridden with furniture!

Brand new pack with some major ups and downs - so, what do you think? Let me know! That's it for now - thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to "Cret92" for allowing me to use his photo of the Witchdoctor companion, and thanks to "baveras" for allowing me to us the photo of the Buccaneer companion.


  1. Elizabeth GoldenThistleJanuary 19, 2013 at 7:58 AM

    Don't the pets have "Cheap Shot," not "Cheat Shop?"

    1. Yes, that's correct... did I spell it wrong in the post? :P

  2. Ugh. 10,000 Crowns down the drain- no compainion. Not feeling the love from Kingsisle with this one.

  3. Wow, did you Photoshop that card pack picture (With the mounts) or are you just extremely lucky?

    1. Oh, no, those rows of cards are all put together in an editing program.

  4. i couldnt get a single companion im so sad

  5. i so wanted a companion but couldnt get one
    o well :(

  6. I managed to get enough mounts for 10 people, but no companions. Interesting chances with this pack.


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