Magmapalooza Feature and Contest

Magmapalooza has begun in Wizard101 UK, and things are heating up! It's time to continue our celebration with a little feature on Evil Magma Peas as well as some frequently asked questions. Plus, it's time for our first contest - your chance to win Evil Magma Pea seeds! As always, the three parts of Magmapalooza are ongoing, including farming with several fansiters and Gameforge members - you can read all about the event HERE.

Before I offer UK Wizards a chance to win some Evil Magma Pea (EMP) seeds, I'm going to answer a couple of common questions.

Where do Evil Magma Pea Seeds Come From?

Evil Magma pea seeds come from a couple of place - first, as drops from other Evil Magma Pea Seeds. That means that if you already have some planted, when you harvest them at Elder, they'll automatically give you another seed.

Seeds can also be bought in the Crown Shop for 1,250 crowns. They are a possible reward from the Wyvern's Hoard Pack.

If you don't have crowns or seeds to start with, you can always farm for your Evil Magma Peas! Seeds are dropped from the following creatures: Calista, Caoranach the Fire-Spitter, Chagan Nosebiter, Dark Knight, Deep Kraken, Feletheus Barca, Harlequin Knight, Jabberwock, Keela White Talon, Kiathi Nightrunner, Kiva White Talon, Lord of the Brocken, Malgrin the Scourge, Matkis Axethief, Maudit Soulban, Ogre, Oroc Blightmore, Porrich, Ricimer Flavel, Ridenhoer Delish, Sir Terrance Thornwhip, and Viridian the Vile.

Why do I Want Evil Magma Pea Seeds?

Evil Magma Pea seeds are useful for more reasons than you're probably aware of. First, if you're a gardener, these mean extra experience for you, and never-ending access to this impressive seed. You'll get all sorts of rewards to sell, too, if you're purely into gardening.

If you like battles at all, whether they be PvE or PvP, you'll probably like this plant, too. They drop Cleanse Charm, Earthquake, Feint, Pierce, Poison, Polymorph Ninja Pig, Tower Shield, and Triton treasure cards.

Or, maybe you're a crafter, you can win Aether, Aquamarine, Black Lotus, Golden Pearl, Pearl, Sandstone, Scrap Iron, and Sunstone reagents.

Finally, you get a guaranteed Mega Snack at Elder - and a rank 9, too! You can get Captain Canteloupe, Cherry Tomato, Fancy Yogurt, Golden Wheat Bread, or Mystic Dragon Fruit.

That might not seem like a lot at first, but start farming and winning seeds, and you could be on your way. Currently, one user has a garden that gives them 180 Mega Snacks every 5 and a half days (grow time to elder with likes).

Plus, these are crown items. Not wanting to farm for or win free crown items is like denying free money!

Can I Get Some?

Absolutely! Here's a contest to get you started! Keep an eye out - more options may be coming soon, and you can get some entries once each day.

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Awesome post! thanks for the information on the drops!

  2. I was wondering if I could get an interview with you for Wiz Magazine. This is the link to what it is and everything and please send a PM request to 1233465 on Central if you are interested

  3. Nice I could use some magma peas to train to Mega. It is SO hard


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