PvP Rank Resets: Requests and Reasoning

A discussion started the other night on Twitter, and it was over rank resets. See, some people believe that ranks should be periodically reset in the game to encourage PvP participation and fairness. Plus, with the issues present today, this might clean things up. Many, however, fear rank resets entirely. They spend a lot of time on ranks. So the question is asked: Rank resets, or no rank resets?

In Wizard101, ranks used to reset every now and then. You had to work your way back up to Warlord whenever they did. If I remember correctly, you kept your tickets and arena gear, you just lost the rank.

What are Rank Resets?

As explained above, rank resets are periodic wipes of your PvP (and possibly derby) ranks. This feature used to exist in Wizard101 and was removed. With ranked PvP remaining a possibility for Pirate101, the door is open for the question there, too.

The Proposal

Many now feel that rank resets would help clean up the arena, and propose that these same, occasional resets be implemented into Wizard101 and Pirate101.

Reason For a Wizard101 Reset

Wizard101 PvP is widely regarded as having problems. Those who aren't saying it probably haven't been there recently. Even KingsIsle recognizes this as an issue. They tried on solution, and it didn't work. Now they're doing things exactly right - taking their time looking into the roots of the problem, and weeding out everything that shouldn't be there.

From Puppeting to leaving matches before they're finished and not losing any rank, the issues are definitely there. Furthermore, many players consider PvP yo dictate many other areas of the game, including PvE. After all, if not for PvP, our 2-pip wands, Elucidate and Simplify spells, and other updates might have stayed.

"Cret92" on Wizard101 Central is an active member of the Wizard101 and Pirate101 community. He commented, saying, "I support it. If people are really deserving of the ranks they have they should be able to get them again anyway."

Reasons Against a Wizard101 Reset

A variety of people are against rank resets, or even a single rank reset, as they've worked hard for their rank. Some don't have the time required to maintain rank.

"Hai xD" from Wizard101 Central voices his opinion, saying, "If this ever ever ever came back, I would quit ranked PvP along with many others. They DESERVE their rank. Everyone who worked so hard does."

That's the next issue. Many have worked at a hard, steady pace to gain their rank. Others are "Warlords of the past," having earned theirs years ago. Is it fair for everyone to keep it? Some people think so.

When noting that many do not gain rank fairly, "Hai xD" responded with, "Its not fair to 'Punish' everyone just because of some people doing it unfairly."

Wait a Minute!

I won't be giving my opinion on rank resets just yet. My little rank reset mini post series has a couple more rounds, first. However, I will say this.

Rank resets are meant, in this case, mainly to solve a problem. Before rank resets can be put into place, KingsIsle needs to be given a chance to address current issues in-game such as puppeting and leaving matches with no penalties. If ranks are reset beforehand, you just end up in the same place you were before, with everyone temporarily on the same level.


It isn't safe to draw a conclusion just yet, but I am curious - what are your opinions on a rank reset? Stay tuned for more to this topic in the coming days! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I think rank reset will shook the world of PVP, instead of fun, it'll turn PVP into a annoying things. Which players might even quite pvp (On the game) Cret92 said he believe that if you are a warlord, you ca earn it again right? Well NO! pvp is geeting hard every day, players train their pet to have immunity (ice wiz can immune fire ans storm as the same time) and their is mad players with 75-76 universal resist with 5000+ health. Also, we paid for PVP, and work hard to earn the rank. if they reset it, give all our money back then.

  2. I gotta agree with the Anonymous above me. Firstly PvP is something we payed for. Even if you don't have member it still counts as paying for it, since is an feature after all, no? Anyway there are PvP or Derby Warlords that deserve their rank...but there are no Warlord that do not. Why? Firstly the so called cheater Warlords, even if they flee or puppet they still worked for that rank...even if a little. There is no easy way to reach Warlord rank, you must take at least four hours of you're time to reach that. Secondly there are the one who bought Crowns. As most Wizard101 nerds know, Crowns make the game 50% easier if you spent them wisely. So basicaly Crowns players earn Warlord rank easier no? Isn't it unfair? No, cause they paid money for that Crowns. Good enough point I guess no? In my opinion PvP and Derby resets should NOT happen. They are unfair, people really WORKED for the rank they earned. Even if they are old outdated players that rank should remain as an relatively not easy achievment they earned, showing how powerful they are to noobs. Also as the Anoymous said, KingsIsle adds more and more things, players can become more and more overpowered, PvP growing by difficulty by week.

  3. I think it shouldn't happen, instead fix problems. People pay crowns to pvp to rank up and such, and having it taken it is NOT fair. I'd also like to add having a maximum of one disconnect during pvp per day is fair, and if it happens more than once then it's your fault, the first time it happens you should start thinking about your internet connection to W101. Next big problem: Puppeting. You're not allowed to pvp with people that are over 15 levels from you. Pets: Train a pet, it's fair.

    -Patrick Stormcaster

  4. You know, PVP is seem to be unfair everyday. Why you ask? Cause I'm level 49 (storm) and have to fight legendary players (Level 60+) it's so unfair, some have all waterworks gears on with 15% resist pet, now that I have reach captain in ranking, if there is reset system... Ill quite the game.

  5. I think they should reset it like once a year to keep players interested in PvP because they will have to get there title back and prove that they are the best once again.



  8. Wow, Kingsisle managed to pull this off in an interesting way. Now, I know that previously on central (I'm Hai xD, as I said in another comment, but its set to anonymous) I had said that I would not PVP again, but the way they did this is actually very unexpected to me. I never would have guessed they would do a "1st Gen" and aside from that, the new rewards to boot. I can say firmly that Kingsisle has managed to keep me a PVP'r and I wont stop. Kudo's to KI, they really are geniuses there.

    1. You can follow the blog under a name and then it should show up.

      I agree - I though I was done with PvP, but the way they did it has me really happy! Didn't make it to Warlord, but I'm happy with 1st Age PvP Commander!


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