Avalon Journal Day 5

Writing From: Abbey Road and Outer Yard; Avalon

I tried something new today - I pulled out my two person Blood Raven Mount to carry my two wizards through questing. No more senseless teleporting, or trying to navigate a difficult area with two wizard - now they could do it together. And that went for battles, too. Besides that, to ride the mount, my other wizard had to be in a group with my first. That meant that they'd save each other a spot in battles! They can also both take advantage of wisps. As if that weren't enough, you can talk to people or gather things without leaving the mount, and when you hit "X" to enter a dungeon, both people automatically do it. No one trying to run two characters away from a finished battle!

Despite the fact that I was performing duties beyond the improvement of Dun Dara, I had to return there to defeat some Handsome Fomori for information on where to find that two-headed Ettin I'd dealt with earlier. After I located him, I took the appropriate supplies to form a table, and placed my silver rose in the middle.

I then informed all of the knights of the meeting. They all gathered, and directed me to a tower where I'd defeat a Stag boss to gain access to Avalon's Outer Yard. It had been overridden with mobs! I was quickly directed by a small boy to a nearby tower - I needed to make my way to the lake to see the Lady of the Lake about the Sword of Kings!

I needed to recruit the help of an old owl friend, who was, of course, guarded by a boss. I then needed to get an explosive fruit from the garden, but it was locked, and another boss had the key.

To be honest, the Outer Yard was quite short. It has a practice arena for those who don't have an arena in their house.

It also has a Mysterious Well. Any level of character can enter it if they teleport to someone in the Outer Yard. The fight below is fairly random, and you may get one of two cheating bosses. These guys do drop some notable stuff, so check 'em out!

After one final battle, and the pull of a lever, I was free to visit the Lake Shore. Here, it is raining in one area!

I still haven't gotten the end of Avalon figured out. I've got locations like that Keep in the Outer Yard, Ghost Avalon, the Crystal Caves, the Catacombs, and many other unlisted locations confused and out of order. And I'm not sure about the Deep Water. I haven't seen any underwater pictures of Avalon, but then again, I've been trying to avoid them (so don't say anything).

The horn will call?

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That's all for today. Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. The Lady of the Lake, you say? I did some research before acting as Nimue herself in a play, and the Lady of the Lake was involved with a very important sword in Arthurian legend....EXCALIBUR, sword of King Arthur himself, from the hand in the middle of the lake! Perhaps this is tied to the sword of kings? I don't know...can't wait to see what happens!

  2. I'm still in the willd.....


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