Wizard101: Sentinel Fish Guide

Ever wanted to catch a sentinel fish in Wizard101? As a matter of fact, for the Dragonspyre quests, you're actually required to snag one. But, what's the best way to do it? And, once you've gotten a couple, how do get rid of all the ones that are stealing your lures in other ponds?

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Sentinel Fish Overview

With the introduction of Dragonspyre fishing (click HERE for a guide), Wizard101 also brought in sentinels - special fish that move abnormally fast and steal lures to protect other fish in the pond. With these now in-game, it's safe to say that they'll be in future fishing locations, but let's take a look at the three in Dragonspyre.

Example Fish 
Location Here
First XP, Normal XP [Rank] 
Armored Red Guard 
Sentinel - The Athenium, DS
1600 XP, 16 XP [1] 
Wizard101 Catching / Fishing Sentinel Guide

Wizard101 Fishing Dragonspyre Fish Armored Red Guard Sentinel

Devil Ray 
Sentinel - The Crystal Grove, DS
2100 XP, 21 XP [2] 
Rambo Fish 
Sentinel - The Necropolis, DS
1700 XP, 17 XP [1] 
Wizard101 Fishing Dragonspyre Fish Devil Ray

Wizard101 Fishing Dragonspyre Fish Rambo Fish

The three sentinel fish in Dragonspyre are the Armored Red Guard, Rambo Fish, and Devil Ray. The fact that two are rank one and one is rank two in a world of rank two and three fish can be confusing, but this is a separate sentinel rank.

Catching a Sentinel Fish

Snagging one of these is not only needed for a quest, but all of the fish collectors out there will want one for their tanks. Plus, for rare and epic fish, they aren't hard to find. They're easily distinguishable with their spikes in the lava.

1. Cast in a clear area

Whether you're catching sentinels or just trying to get rid of them, you should be aware that if another fish is attracted to your lure, a sentinel can actually pop in and scare that fish away while stealing your lure! Cast in an open area of the "pond" to avoid this - sentinels detect lures from a long ways away.

2. Turn on your sound

The most valuable tool you have in fishing is sound. Oftentimes, the "pop" of the lure going under is not perfectly synchronized with the "Invoke" message, but the sound is the most accurate indicator, and you'll need accuracy for catching these fish. Catch a normal fish first if you've never used sound to get an idea of what you hear when a fish is playing with a lure versus dragging it under.

3. Watch closely

While sound is a valuable tool, and can even be substituted for watching, you'll want to know when sentinels are coming, as they're a lot quicker than most fish. They don't miss or play with a lure, they automatically pull it under. If you want a shot at reeling in a sentinel, you need to be using the right lure. So check the school of the sentinel using the Reveal Fish School spell, then use that corresponding lure school at the correct rank. Watch for the fish approaching.

You will want to click immediately when the message changes to invoke. This can be a whirlwind of sound and graphics, so concentration is key. It will happen fast.

4. Use a potion

If all else fails, you always have the option of using a potion. If you grab a Major Fishing Luck Elixir, you'll have a much better chance at getting your sentinels. If you do use one, try to focus on getting all three sentinels (and the one for your quest) before it expires. If you're looking to fill up several tanks of sentinels, then a potion is almost essential given how difficult it can be to catch them otherwise.

Dealing with Sentinel Fish

It may be that you've caught all three sentinel fish, finished your Dragonspyre quests, and are on the lookout for other fish. In that case, sentinels are no longer a novelty to be won, but a hindrance to your fishing. 

Method One: Banishing

When you just want to get rid of the sentinel fish in a pond, or whole zone, you may want to try out a spell: Banish Sentinels 1. This will track down and clear out all of the rank 1 sentinels in a given area, leaving you free to fish the other fish out of an area. Learn more about this and other new fishing spells HERE.

There are just a couple of catches to banishing. First, it costs 8 energy. Second, you can't train this spell, you have to complete your second Dragonspyre fishing quest (out of three) to obtain it. And finally, it only takes care of rank one sentinels, and that doesn't include Devil Rays.

Method Two: Catching

Unlike Banishing, catching sentinels requires no special spells or quest completions, just knowledge of your sentinel fish school and rank. You simply use the correct lure and the method above to catch the sentinels out of a pond. Not only do you get some cool fish to take home, but you also open up the pond for fishing.

The only catches here are that you have to know your fish. Not only that, but fishing out sentinels takes energy, not just to catch them, but to reveal the school. If you intend to use this method, I recommend first setting out a lure or two to bring the sentinels close (pick it up before they can get to it), then reveal their school.

Method Three: Scaring/Baiting

The best method for clearing these fish is to scare them away. Sometimes, if they're right up against the edge, you can walk as close as possible and scare them off. However, it's easier just to cast out a lure and let them come to you. Don't forget to follow the basic catching instructions at first - cast in a clear area to avoid scaring away other fish, then, once a sentinel grabs your lure, press nothing. Let him take it, and it will cost you no energy, and he'll be gone. 

Occasionally, this will result in another sentinel fish returning, and it is unknown if this is a bug or intentional.

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