Fun With 101 Crowns

Wizard101 Fish Tanks

It isn't often that I highlight a sale, particularly one that's over with, but yesterday's 101 sale was so much fun that it's worth taking a look at. Both games reduced the price of five popular items to only 101 crowns, and players took advantage!

101 Items

Five items in each game got the discount. In Wizard101, they were the Regular Keeper Aquarium Set, Owl Hairstyle, Level 80 Life Henchman, Myth Ghoul, and Phoenix Hoard Pack. In Pirate101, they were the Pirate Hairstyle, Super Slick Accessory, Level 55 Swashbuckler Henchman, Ninja One Statue, and Grizzly Beast Pack. The highlights for most players, including me, were the Keeper set and Grizzly pack.

Tanks, Tanks Everywhere!

Given that, once the Test Realm updates, there will be over 100 unique fish to catch on top of having duplicates of others (and there'll always be more fish), you couldn't beat the tank deal. Typically, to put a fish in a tank, you need to pay about 167 crowns per fish. The only way to get that price is to buy the multi-aquariums, too, which don't give you as much flexibility. So when this set went on sale and dropped the crowns price per fish to about 34 crowns per fish, I had to take advantage. I bought quite a few tanks to house my current catches and prepare for the new lava fish.

Wizard101 Fish Tanks

Initially, the tanks were all in my Amber Estate, but the stacks had begun to get rather high, and they weren't as visible. They even ran into the ceiling. I built a small viewing platform, but realized that with the Dragonspyre fish, they'd need to be moved.

My next thought was the underground area in the Botanical Gardens, which worked alright, but wasn't quite what I wanted.

Wizard101 Fish Tanks

Eventually, I decided to build my own structure, which you see in the picture at the top of the post. Fish Towers: Hotel, Spa, and Resort. This multi-level structure was essentially made of tanks, with a minimal inner viewing area that allowed you to travel up and down to view different fish. 

Wizard101 Fish Tanks

Pets and Pavilions

I couldn't pass up a chance to try for that Musketeer bear in the Grizzly Beast Pack, either. While I didn't snag any companions, I managed to get a couple of new pavilions, as well as a few pets and doubloons.

Pirate101 Grizzly Beast Pack

Other Success Stories

I wasn't the only one who took advantage of the sales, and plenty of people got luckier than I did, too. Jason Goldenshield, for example, snagged two companions when opening no fewer than 108 packs.

Alura Silver also scored a fair number of tanks for a very reasonable price.

I think this has been one of Wizard101's greatest sales yet. And, once they crunch the numbers, I hope it'll prove something: Marking down items people really use to very reasonable prices will generate far more revenue and excitement than minor markdowns on items wizards rarely buy. Great job to the KingsIsle team, and I hope everyone enjoyed this sale as much as I did!

Did you get anything great during the 101 sale?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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