Wizard101: Item Inspection Reveals New Housing Gauntlet and Bosses

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena

With all of the awesome new content now out on the live realm in Wizard101, there's a smaller update you might have missed that carries some significance - the ability to more closely inspect housing items in homes. And yesterday, it revealed an all-new housing gauntlet and bosses to come. Take a look!

Inspecting Items

You can could mouse over an item to see what it was, but now it will tell you where the item comes from if you click on it! This is huge, because it means free, confirmed drop locations for all of your favorite items and pets. So if you get a cool pack sword or pet, you can place it in your home and check out where it drops, if at all. Here's a standard screen. Familiarize yourself with the format.

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena

Special Features

There are a couple of special cool features beyond just drops, though. It will tell you where to pick up a recipe for the item, if it can be obtained via fishing, and do a couple of other cool things.

In the case of Crown Shop items, it'll not only give you the information, but also a direct option to purchase it from the shop. With any item that comes from a bundle or gift card, it will give you a "More Info" button that links to the Wizard101 page for that card.

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena

You can also use it for a couple of other purposes, including to see what music is playing on a player or what fish are in a tank.

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena

Odd One Out

What stuck out was when a few items in particular popped up with bosses no one had seen before in a location no one had heard of.

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena

As you can see with my inspection of the Crystal Ball, it shows a Sir Steffan BadApple and Sir Claudus D'Agrodulce in the Grand Tourney Arena. There are several arenas in-game, including one in Krokotopia and, of course, the PvP arena, but none go by this name, and none have NPCs like this. This can only mean that it's a new location not yet open to the public that got slipped in because the item drops register on this creature.

This shows up on a number of items, including the Grandfather Clock, Crystal Ball, Large Willow Tree, Seraph, Floor Brazier, Leprechaun, Dark Sprite, and Black Spider. There was also something else on the all of the Beast pets.

Wizard101 Grand Tourney Arena

"Brulee Sucre" is a third boss in the gauntlet.

Gauntlet Proof

Okay, so sure it shows new enemies, but what proves that it's a gauntlet? There's one big key. Take a look at the Jade Oni. There's a boss or two there that shows up five times, and he's in the Midnight Sun Pagoda. Likewise, the Grand Tourney Arena bosses show up five times on the list. Why? Because there are five tiers to the gauntlet and all of them register as different bosses. This isn't a hand-typed list, it pulls drop locations from some internal database, hence why these showed up in the first place.

That means a new gauntlet and a new bundle are around the corner, and the actual housing item is already in the game!

What are you expecting from the Grand Tourney Arena?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. Cool, Love the new post, hope i win the 5000 crowns from your other post, been working hard to get all the drops :)


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