My Wizard101 Fish Castle

Wizard101 Fish Tanks Castle

Yesterday, with the 101 crowns sale (see more HERE), I took advantage of the offers on tanks. These fish tanks are a lot of fun to display in your homes, not just as decorations, but also as structures.

The Fish Castle

I wanted to make something to properly display all of the fish I'd caught and make room for the new ones coming with the Test Realm update. With such a great deal on tanks, I also did a little planning ahead and snagged a few extra in preparation for future fishing updates. I expect that some old worlds will eventually end up with their own sets of fish, too.

A Firm Foundation

Instead of just a castle made of blocks with some fish tanks on display, I decided that I wanted the tanks to be part of the structure. This was similar to the tower-type structure I built and featured in my "Fun With 101 Crowns" post, but would be somewhat more elaborate that just walls. Suffice to say it was a tad more complicated.

Wizard101 Fish Tanks Castle


The front of the castle was important. Disregarding the outer walls for now, I used two sort of gates which would be blocked off, and a set of doors leading to the inside of the castle. Four sets of tanks made up each corner and become a fundamental part of the castle. I believe I ended up with twenty tanks in each corner of the main castle alone.

Wizard101 Fish Tanks Castle

The castle ended up being a multi-tier showcase of tanks, with walls between the four major pillars. I was careful to allow players to go inside the four walls so that they could view the fish that made up the inside parts of the four pillars.

I personally like to rotate my fish tanks in some cases so everything is a little more dynamic, but that was tough with castle blocks. They're not made to rotate to make building easier.

Wizard101 Fish Tanks Castle

Interior and Extras

The castle doesn't just look nice on the outside, though. There are some tanks that are on display inside, plus archways leading to hallways where you can view other fish, and narrow staircases to move between the three levels of the house.

Up top, there's an additional platform which holds a few of the big towers with quite a few tanks stacked on top. Generally, these are my extras without fish, whereas the occupied tanks became part of the pillars. You can see this is the set of four photos above.

I also added a few outer ways as a sort of entryway and defense system, which you can see in the set of four images. There are pillars of tanks periodically along the walls, and at least a portion of them can be accessed via staircases.

What Will You Build?

If you're interested in seeing the castle in person, I'd be happy to teleport you over, or you may find the castle under the "Magical" section of housing tours.

I'm curious - Has anyone else built anything interesting using tanks?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. I built a tall glitched spiral tank tower in my midday estate


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