Introducing Swordroll's Blog of Interest

Following some recent changes in the KingsIsle world and the announcement of Crowfall, I have decided to retire KingsIsle blogging and begin a new journey in chronicling the adventures of my all-time favorite television show: Person of Interest.

You're Being Watched

The premise of Person of Interest is that a reclusive billionaire build a machine after 9/11 that would utilize every electronic device to watch people in their everyday lives. The machine, eventually updating itself and becoming an AI, was sold to the government for $1, as the builder felt it his duty to his country.

The government doesn't actually have access to the machine, they only get social security numbers. All numbers received are either a victim or perpetrator involved in an upcoming crime predicted based on the machine's observations that involved a fatality.

The government has a set of "relevant" numbers which are threats to national security, i.e. terrorists. However, they also get "irrelevant" data - numbers of murderers or murder victims. However, they don't have the resources to handle these and might not bother with all of them if they did.

Harold Finch, the original creator, initially believes this data should be left alone, until Nathan Ingram intervenes and convinces him otherwise in a rather unfortunate way. Harold saves a retired CIA agent from drinking himself to death and enlists him to help stop these threats.

You've Seen It Before!

I've used Person of Interest in a couple of my posts, the main one being Watching With Ten Thousand Eyes, my 300th post, HERE. Person of Interest is also something you'll see me tweet about and that I tune into almost every Tuesday.

Gradual Change

With the release of Crowfall, the gradual change in the direction of Wizard101, and the altogether lack of content in Pirate, I've decided to move to Person of Interest. I love blogging, but the content isn't there in the gaming world. If you enjoy this show (if you haven't watched it, give it a look!), keep following for more posts like this! I'll be updating all of my links and moving old content in the coming days.

Wait... WHAT DAY IS IT!?

Thanks to SGM Soultamer for helping me pull this one off.


  1. Chrissy The BlesserApril 1, 2015 at 3:37 AM

    Brilliant, I loved it. Well played Swordy, well played :D

  2. I have been following this e show blog for years and know i just get on and I see this. Person of Interest is my Favorite show too. I love Finch. My point is i like what your doing.

  3. Brilliant April Fool's joke, Swordroll!

  4. The Balance Wizard SoloerApril 1, 2015 at 7:58 PM

    OMG I almost had a heart attack lol I read then I remembered it was April Fools XD

  5. I was terrified and sad for a while, but then I suddenly remembered what day it was. I frantically searched for any hints as to this being a joke, and then I read the bottom of the page. I am so relieved that this wasn't real. Whew.
    Sam Dragonflame-Level 75 Pyromancer
    Clever Sam Jones-Level 65 Swashbuckler

  6. Lol i totally fell for that April fools, i was so confused when i read the "Wait... WHAT DAY IS IT!?" part


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