Contribute to a Guide, Win 5,000 Crowns! [CLOSED]

With all of the new things in Wizard (or if you're just a poor Pirate), there's plenty of need for crowns, and if you're wanting some free ones, you've come to the right place. Here's a chance to win 5,000 crowns for either game using pictures you probably already have.

Getting Started

There are a couple of big guides that could use some assistance, and it’ll take a lot of people to get them up to speed with the latest information. There are five guides that currently need some special attention that you can receive entries for contributing to. It’s about as simple as tweeting a photo – all you have to do in most cases is upload directly into your Disqus comment on the post. For every bit of information you contribute, you get a certain number of entries into the drawing for the grand prize of 5,000 crowns.

Moo Manchu’s Tower Drop Guide: 3 entries

Comment with a picture of any item not already on the guide for two entries into the contest. We’re down to the last few items on this one (less than 15 left). With over 100 unique items available in this dungeon, this is great overall progress and I’ve excited to wrap things up with a few final additions. Click the image to go to the guide and comment there.

Wizard101 Skeleton Key Guide (New Bosses): 2 entries

This is a very easy one to contribute to. Simply take a picture of your loot – the gold, reagents, and so on – and post it in a Disqus. If you get actual gear pieces, take a picture of the gear stats and post those as well. Each of these is 2 points. This guide is complete in terms of cheats, but is just getting started on drops. Click the image to go to the guide and comment there.

Wizard101 Fishing Ranks and Badges Guide: 2 entries

With the newest fish added in Dragonspyre comes new badges for new goals. Not only do I need pictures, I also need information as to what It takes to earn individual badges. If you’ve got any of that or multiple pieces of it, comment with the information and/or pictures for two entries for each submission. Click the image to go to the guide and comment there.

Wizard101 Skeleton Key Guide (Four Dungeons): 1 entry

While this guide has been around for a while and has most of the major drops, I’m always looking to add to it! If you have drops (anything from an expanded gold range to a new reagent to something else entirely), you can post it here for one entry. Each one makes a difference! Click the image to go to the guide and comment there.

Pirate101 Unique Boss Gear Guide: 1 entry

Out of Swordroll’s Blog, I’ve got a couple of running guides as well. On Pirate101 Central, I have a Unique Boss Gear guide which is missing some of the latest items. They removed my area to take weapon pictures, so I’m currently re-thinking how those will work. If you have any of the items not pictured, you can let me know and we’ll meet up in game for me to get the image. This is one that you can’t submit yourself, you’ll have to meet up. It’s worth a bonus point for helping out, and, like with the other guides, you can get one point per submission.

Content Rules and Deadlines

Remember the following the rules and regulations in regard to this contest:

  • This contest is official open at the time of posting.
  • You do not need to comment multiple times if you have multiple images or pieces of information. You will receive points for every one of your entries, regardless of how many comments you've posted. That said, if you've posted already and won a new item, feel free to comment again.
  • I do not care if you enter from multiple Disqus accounts or if multiple people from your home enter, as only the first submission of an item will count for points. You need to submit an item that is not yet submitted or on the guide for points.
  • Make sure you are commenting with your Disqus account and not anonymously, or your points cannot be counted.
  • Make sure the email associated with your Disqus account is current and correct, as this is where your prize will come.
  • It will be helpful if you include your wizard or pirate name in your comments, but is not necessary to win.
  • This contest closes at 11:59 PM CST on Wednesday, May 6.

What are you waiting for? Contribute now, help the community, and earn crowns for doing it!

UPDATE: Winner Announced!

Wow! I'm impressed. In just a couple short weeks, there were no fewer than 68 valid entries with new gear pieces and information for guides. Placing all of this information in each of the guides is a lengthy process and will take time, but expect to see your images and names in the credits there! This was not a contest based on who submitted the most items, but one in which everyone had a shot at winning, though you'd have a better chance by submitting more items. All entries with valid items were randomized. The winner of the 5,000 crowns is:

  • King Mason (Specifically for his entry of Lambent's Cane of Radiance)

Congratulations! Your code for 5,000 crowns has been emailed to you! Thanks to everyone who participated.


  1. Found this New awesome jewel that gives mass triage

  2. Found a new hat that lambent fire drops

  3. Here is the lambent fires wand ( at least the fire one that i found )

  4. New boots dropped from the LAMBENT FIRE

  5. Found a new jewel that gives spirit trap, drops from LAMBENT FIRE

  6. New ring from Aphrodite ( Please ignore the jewels, I got really excited when i first got it :P )

  7. Sabrina SkullBreakerApril 26, 2015 at 12:03 PM


  8. Sabrina SkullBreakerApril 26, 2015 at 12:15 PM

    oops one slipped in from the mooshu boss was trying to be organized lol..........heres some more

  9. Sabrina SkullBreakerApril 26, 2015 at 12:17 PM

    the new spell from mooshu boss and maycast wand animation

  10. Sabrina SkullBreakerApril 26, 2015 at 12:23 PM

    Aphrodite also drops sunions

  11. Julian Gators HarrisonApril 27, 2015 at 9:48 PM

    Some armor of the darkmoor armor for life players that have a chance to drop form the 3 dungeons.

  12. Julian Gators HarrisonApril 27, 2015 at 9:53 PM

    new life gear from darkmoor dungeon Level 100

  13. New Athame from key boss in Darkmoor before update.

  14. New Athame from key boss in Darkmoor after the updates

  15. Universal energy wand from Key boss in Darkmoor

  16. Life critical ring from Key boss in Darkmoor

  17. Universal critical ring from key boss in Darkmoor.

  18. Sir Bedevere Jade Jewel dropped by the Key boss in Darkmoor

  19. Sir Bedevere Jade Jewel

  20. New jewel dropped in darkmoor

  21. Balance energy wand dropped at the key boss in darkmoor

  22. New robe dropped at the key boss in Avalon

  23. New hat dropped at the new key boss in Avalon

  24. Death Pierce jewel dropped in Key boss in Avalon

  25. ♛King Mason♛May 1, 2015 at 4:26 PM

    Thats been out for more then 6 months, it is not new

  26. wand dropped from the new skeleton boss in graveyard
    btw i dont remeber my stuff so here my wizard name john thundermask


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