Ten Places We Need Tapestries To

Wizard101 Tapestry - Shadow Palace

Just recently, some new tapestries have been emerging in fansite contests! Before long, we'll have a tapestry to just about everywhere. KingsIsle has hit many of the useful areas (the Bazaar, the arena, the Hatchery), and some that are just for collectors (I'm looking at you, Common's Tapestry). However, there are ten locations that don't currently have one that could use their own.

New Tapestries: Where to Put Them

We've had these handy tapestries available from a number of different sources. I personally think it'd be cool to see these as drops, but crafting could also be an option, much like the collectible music players can be crafted or won from the Five B.O.X.E.S. Event.

Tapestry to the Cave of Solitude

This is probably one of my more obscure recommendations, but I feel we're in need of this tapestry given the addition of the latest Skeleton Key Bosses (see a guide HERE). We have one to the Graveyard, where Aphrodite is, and one to the Crystal Caves, where the Lambent Fire is. But not here. This location also requires traveling to Mooshu, then the Yoshihito Temple, then the small village, and then the cave. Following that, you also have to go out to the teleporters and then take a short walk to the actual boss.

Wizard101 Tapestry - Cave of Solitude

Tapestry to Bastion

This one is essentially a given. Khrysalis is probably the most used world by high-level wizards, and we've got one to every other world hub outside Khrysalis. This one gives quick access to the world and with the Khrysalis teleporters, quick access to other locations in it as well. Honestly, this is probably already in the works if not finished.

Wizard101 Tapestry - Bastion

Tapestry to the Shadow Palace

Probably the most visited placed by max-level wizards is the Shadow Palace. Getting together for Morganthe runs or farming Moros for new gems or the Archangel gear are common pastimes. This is also the one location in Khrysalis that doesn't have a teleporter outside Crescent Beach (which may also be another viable candidate). And, if you've ever been here, you know it's reagent heaven!

Wizard101 Tapestry - Shadow Palace

Dragonspyre Crafting Anvil Tapestry

Crafting anvils are often required for particular items, and this one necessitates traveling to Dragonspyre, Dragonspyre Academy, taking the dragon ride, and heading up to the Dragon's Roost to access. This would not only be a quick teleport to the anvil, but also to Malistaire. Most final bosses are found in the first location in the world (Meowiarty just inside the Royal Museum; Jade Oni in the Jade Palace; Mithraya, Ptolemos, and Astreus in Celestia Base Camp; and the Spectral Guardian and spiders in Baobab Crossroads), but this is an exception.

Wizard101 Tapestry - Dragonspyre Crafting Anvil

Grizzleheim Crafting Anvil Tapestry

If there's a Dragonspyre Crafting Anvil Tapestry, we probably need the equivalent for Grizzleheim. This anvil is actually used much more often than the Dragonspyre one and would thus warrant having its own tapestry. It'd be a handy one for crafters, too!

Wizard101 Tapestry - Grizzleheim Crafting Anvil

Tapestry to Hrundle Fjord

Wintertusk is the only real world extension we've ever had (besides maybe Aquila), so there's plenty of confusion as to whether it counts as its own world. Either way, you must travel to Grizzleheim and then to Wintertusk, so this one might not only be handy, but also deserved if you consider Wintertusk its own world.

Wizard101 Tapestry - Hrundle Fjord

Tapestry to the Tomb of Storms

Another boss at the end of the world, Krokopatra is a popular farming destination during holidays. Not only that, but this is a location further within Krokotopia and also the entryway for the Tomb of Beguiler, an upper-level dungeon.

Wizard101 Tapestry - Well of Spirits

Tapestry to the Haunted Cave

Of all the end-world bosses, Nightshade is the easiest and most popular for farming holiday items. He's probably the prime farming spot in Wizard City, and to access this location requires traveling to Wizard City, the Shopping District, Olde Town, Triton Avenue, and finally to the Haunted Cave, so this would most certainly be a handy tapestry.

Wizard101 Tapestry - Haunted Cave

Tapestry to Crab Alley

Similar to the Haunted Cave, accessing this location requires traveling through a number of other locations. Crab Alley leads to a very well-traveled area, for quests, and for the Waterworks! Even with new, higher-level dungeons, the Waterworks still drops helpful gear for players not just of that level, but also much later in the game.

Wizard101 Tapestry - Crab Alley

Tapestry to Book 15

There are plenty of great places us wizards can go in game, but let's be honest... Pirates are desperate for Book 15, two years after the last story update.

Wizard101 Tapestry - Pirate101 Book 15

Where do you think we could use a teleport tapestry to?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Tapestry to Crab Alley has been added with the recent Tapestry Addition I believe.

  2. i'll spend 100k crowns for book 15 tapestry xD

  3. haha the tapestry to book 15 made me laugh i wish i coul happen xD

  4. I second that.

  5. The Book 15 tapestry I would give anything for :-D

  6. same................... if i had that much

  7. This is a really interesting post! I would love to see these!


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