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Wizard101's latest winter pack is here along with the 12 Days of the Spiral celebration. The Yuletide Morning's Pack is all about the Christmas morning festivities - from waking up early in your pajamas to opened and unboxed presents. Check out what's new in this exciting pack!

Yuletide Mornings Pack: What's Inside

As usual, this winter pack is full of winter goodies, but there's a little bit more of a specific theme this year. Since this is a brand new pack, there's won't be any old items (save for some of the filler content) in this one. It's all-new!

Scooter Mounts

These exciting new scooter mounts come with three different designs and all provide the usual 40% speed bonus. These tricycles are small and compact - they won't take up much of your screen. They have some pretty cool animations, too! Each one has a tag on it that says "From: Merle." Mounts are marked as Ultra-Rare in this pack, though they're usually Epic. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if they just drop more often. The mounts from left to right are Blitzing Tricycle, Racing Tricycle, and Scorching Tricycle.

Present Pets

Looks like Aunt Bethany has been wrapping our gifts this year! These prrresent pets come in three colors, each with their own cards. Their pedigrees start in the 50s. They'd probably blend in perfectly with your holiday decorations! The pets from left to right are Festive, Winter, and Merry.

Mount & Pet Grade: B
The community rates these items as:
Great 34.6% | Good 34.6% | Average 15.4% | Poor 15.4%

Yuletide Pajamas

One of the highlights of this pack for me is the gear, at least in terms of its appearance. These yuletide jammies are the perfect outside for Christmas morning fun! Some people have been using a set of these as a stitch for their energy gear. The sets from left to right are Festive, Merry, and Winter.

Wrapping Paper Wands

If you didn't wield your wrapping paper tube like this wizard wand, did you have a real childhood? I love these wands. And although they don't offer critical, they are some of the first wands in a while to offer pierce along with their damage bonuses.

Gear & Wand Grade: B
The community rates these items as:
Great 17.5% | Good 42.5% | Average 25% | Poor 15%

Spellements, New Decorations, & Other Items

Outside of these new items, the pack has a bunch of other things you might actually be interested in. For example, you can get spellements for Krampus and Reindeer Knight. There are also a bunch of new present furniture items. The ones I received are shown below. Some can be auctioned, and others (randomly, it seems) are considered crowns items and cannot. 

Outside of that, there are notable old Yuletide items up for grabs from this pack as well, including Skating Rinks, Sparkle Globes, and other holiday goodies.

Other Items Grade: B
The community rates these items as:
Great 12.7% | Good 38.2% | Average 25.5% | Poor 23.6%

Pack Analysis

This pack, unlike some past holiday packs, isn't full of primarily old items with one new item in one slot per pack. The new decoration items in this pack show up in just about every slot. Furthermore, the new items can be rolled in both of the last two slots, meaning you've got a pretty good shot at getting some of the gear. That said, new items definitely still favor the bottom-center slot.

Click to enlarge pack-opening samples

Here's the rarity of some of the more notable items in the pack:
  • Epic: Permanent Mounts
  • Ultra-Rare: Robes, Wands, Skating Rink
  • Rare: Hats, Boots, Pets, Spark Globe, 1-Day Mounts, 1-Day Mounts
  • New present decorations range from Common to Rare
  • Note that there are some issues with how the mounts are listed, some 1-Day versions say Epic and sometimes the permanent versions say Ultra-Rare, etc.

The Verdict

It might just have been my luck, but it seems like the items in this pack drop easier than in others. While the gear stats don't offer much of an incentive to purchase the pack, the looks alone could do it. Anyone who has any interest in these items should give it a try. And if you're a decorator, this pack is definitely for you!

Overall Grade: B
The community rates these items as:
Great 12.1% | Good 39.4% | Average 36.4% | Poor 12.1%

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What have you gotten from the Yuletide Mornings Pack?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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