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Prince Viggor is the final boss in Viggor's Tomb, and the last of three cheating bosses before the final fights. He's in the upper level of the Catacombs and while he's easier than Sir & Squire Greggor, he can still be a challenge! Here's a quick rundown of what to expect inside Viggor's Tomb and how to beat Prince Viggor!

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Getting Started

Viggor's Tomb is the last dungeon in the Upper Catacombs before you'll venture deep below to find some even more terrifying foes. Viggor's Tomb is in the main area of the Catacombs. While Viggor is tougher than King Detritus, he's quite a bit easier than Sir & Squire Greggor. This instance only has two fights. Check out the map below for where to begin.

Fight #1: Rydall's Plague

The first fight in this instance is Rydall's Plague. This is a normal fight, but beware - these minions cast Virulent Plague on a regular basis!

Rydall's Plague  4,490 Health / Death Rank 16
This battle always has three enemies.

Fight #2: Prince Viggor

Here we go - the final boss before you journey into the Lower Catacombs! Read up on Prince Viggor's cheats and prepare for battle!

Prince Viggor  51,625 Health / Death & Myth Rank 18 Boss

Prince Viggor will summon knights of Dragonspyre of a random school:
Viggor's Havox  4,490 Health / Balance Rank 16
Viggor's Crusader  4,490 Health / Death Rank 16
Viggor's Vanguard  4,180 Health / Fire Rank 16
Viggor's Crusader  5,225 Health / Ice Rank 16
Viggor's Vanguard  4,755 Health / Life Rank 16
Viggor's Lorekeeper 4,230 Health / Myth Rank 16
Viggor's Lorekeeper  3,760 Health / Storm Rank 16
Viggor's Havox  4,490 Health / Shadow Rank 16


  • Knights of Dragonspyre to me! - At the start of the battle, Prince Viggor will interrupt to cast a Sun spell which summons a knight of Dragonspyre for each player in the battle.
  • The cycle repeats - Prince Viggor will summon additional knights of Dragonspyre.
  • You can't sneak up on me! Players who are late to the battle will cause Prince Viggor to cast a 25% damage blade on himself, a -30% damage weakness to all enemies, and a 70% Feint on all enemies.
  • That knowledge is beyond you! - If you cast Feint on Prince Viggor, he will interrupt and remove it. You can successfully protect Feint with Indemnity. 
  • Attack! - Prince Viggor will cast a 25% Bladestorm on all allies.
  • This is for your own good - Prince Viggor will cast a -30% damage weakness to all enemies.
  • ...Feel our fury! - Prince Viggor will cast a 70% Mass Feint on all enemies.
  • Steel yourselves! - Prince Viggor will cast a 55% Tower Shield on all allies.

Viggor's Havox (Balance) & Viggor's Havox (Shadow) Cheats:
  • If you cast a debuff, this minion will cast Cleanse Charm to remove all debuffs on the target and a 30% weakness on the person who cast the spell.
Viggor's Crusader (Death) & Viggor's Vanguard (Life) Cheats:
  • If you cast a shield, this minion will remove it and cast a 55% Tower Shield on themselves.
Viggor's Crusader (Ice) & Viggor's Vanguard (Fire) Cheats:
  • If you cast a blade, this minion will cast Cleanse Charm to remove one blade on the caster on themselves followed by a 30% Balanceblade.
Viggor's Lorekeeper (Myth) & Viggor's Lorekeeper (Storm) Cheats:
  • If you cast a trap, this minion will cast Cleanse Ward to remove all traps on the target.

Congratulations on beating Prince Viggor and completing Viggor's Tomb! Onward to the Lower Catacombs!

Have you beaten Prince Viggor? What'd you think of the fight?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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