Uwe's Workshop Play: The Wizardful 101

Karamelle doesn't have that many side quests, but the ones it does have are usually worth doing! Fortunately, none of them are very long and most end with a boss that has some interesting drops. But it's not the fights that will be keeping you entertained in this Karamelle side quest.

Sweetzburg Sides

When you complete the first one or two quests in Sweetzburg, Uwe will have a quest for you that you can choose to complete at that point or later on. You'll have the added benefit of getting his talking prompt away from a Pretzel Stick spawn near where he stands by completing the quest earlier rather than later. Uwe is right next to Les Bon-Bon Mots. He's got a deal for you!

Uwe's Workshop & The Play

Of course, seeing that Uwe's Workshop is an instanced zone gives you a hint right away that you'll be experiencing more than just a performance. Once inside, you'll get to watch Uwe's play. Clearly some of the writers here are poking fun at their own work. It's pretty hilarious. Check it out!

Boss Battle

Hopefully, you'll be able to defeat all of the Spiral's most prominent villains in one battle! Although there are four enemies, one of which is designated as a boss, it's a pretty straightforward fight with no cheats. Of course, Uwe will be disappointed that he won't be getting that new hat. The quest will hand in automatically and you're done!

Why It's Worth It

Besides the obvious draw of experiencing the play, the quest itself awards spellements for upgrading Karamelle spells and a Legendary Socket Wrench. Karamelle also has some incentives for side quests. Completing all side quests will award the "Side Hustler" badge and completing every quest in Karamelle (main and side) will award the "Clean Plate Club" badge. Outside of that, the "Clean Plate Club" badge will allow you to purchase the top-tier cosmetic gear set from Johann in Karamelle City. For that reason alone, I anticipate that a lot of people will be doing this quest.

Then there's also the drops! Uwe drops spellements to upgrade your level 130+ Karamelle spells. He also drops some useful reagents, including Karamelle Chunks (used to craft level 140+ gear) and Toffee Beans. You might be able to snag some of his Executive Rings that many are after, and there are also new housing items up for grabs. One of the big draws, though, has been jewels. Uwe drops some top-level health jewels plus other rare jewels like the Spell-Defying Opal and Spell-Proof Opal according to the Wizard101 Wiki.

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