December Holiday Contests: Win Crowns, Mounts, & More!

Christmas is around the corner! No matter what you're celebrating or how you're celebrating it this year, you can join in on the fun with these holiday contests for your chance to win both Wizard101 and Pirate101 prizes! We've got festive mounts and pets plus crowns up for grabs this year!

Shattered Snowflakes

Snowflakes have been shattered into six pieces throughout posts on Swordroll's Blog! Be the first to find the six pieces to assemble a code for a prize! Six new pieces will be hidden every three days for a new prize up until Christmas! When new pieces are hidden, a hint will be posted on the Contests page as to a specific category, time frame, or type of post to look in. The first set goes up this Saturday! Here's what the schedule and prizes look like:

December 12 - 2,500 Crowns
December 15 - Pirate101 Ice Cycle Mount
December 18 - Wizard101 Snowflake Pet
December 21 - 5,000 Crowns
December 24 - 10,000 Crowns

Karamelle Search & Find Contest

Hopefully, you've been doing your quests in Karamelle, because there's a search and find contest dedicated to the new world! Find these textures around the world and take a full screenshot with your wizard in it of each to win! Entries with the most correct will win, and if multiple people get all of the items correct, the fastest entry wins! See more details on the contests page! Here are the prizes up for grabs:

1st Place - Festive Fox Mount + 5,000 Crowns
Winner: Paul Pants

2nd Place - Chocolate Moose Mount + 2,500 Crowns
Winner: Tristan

3rd Place - Chimney Sweeper Mount + 2,500 Crowns
Winner: Keena NightHunter

3x Random Draw - 2,500 crowns
Winner: Brittany SunBlossom

Pirate101 Holiday Screenshot Contest

Fear not, pirates, there's a contest for you too! Pirate101 has plenty of festive items and decorations to use (or not use) in your holiday screenshot! Send in a screenshot of your pirate and how they're celebrating the holidays for a chance to win prizes! Here's what you could win:

1st Place - Wolf of Winter Mount + 5,000 Crowns
Winner: Smart Logan West

2nd Place - Reindeer Mount + 2,500 Crowns
Winner: Morgan

3rd Place - Holiday Crystal Unicorn Mount + 2,500 Crowns
Winner: Erin Dragonheart

3x Random Draw - 2,500 crowns
Winner: Kai
Winner: Loyal Wolf Walker
Winner: Nicholas


As usual, I'll be including the trust ol' raffle as an opportunity for anybody and everybody to win - wizards and pirates alike! Snag your entries (including a daily entry option) for your chance to win crowns that you can use in either game.

1x Random Draw - 5,000 Crowns
Winner: Elijah Lighthief

2x Random Draw - 2,500 Crowns
Winner: Edward TitanSword
Winner: Jill D.

Check out the Contests page to see all of these and get all of the details. You can comment with any questions you have below! Thanks to Mathew for providing these prizes!

Best of luck to all who enter!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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