Wizard101 Elven Nightmare Pack Review

This Halloween, Wizard101 has released a new pack for the holiday the season - the Elven Nightmare Pack! There are a number of new items to obtain in this haunted hoard of light versus dark. Check out what's new and whether or not this pack is worth buying!

Elven Nightmare Pack: What's Inside

This pack contains a number of new items along with a myriad of other Halloween goodies, most all of which you'v seen before. Save for the filler content, Flash33 makes an astute observation that this could also work as a Christmas pack with a naughty and nice them. This pack costs only 299 crowns like some of the other holiday packs and unlike many of the standard packs, which are 399 crowns.

Hart Mounts and Scaryonette & Merryonette Pets

It's been a little bit of a trend in the changing seasonal packs to do re-textures on existing mounts, and that's the case in this pack as well, with the two big mount prizes being re-textures of the White Stag. They do, however, have a little added bonus of transparent chest areas where you can see the heart inside! The mounts give the traditional 40% speed boost.

The pets, unlike the mounts, are totally unique. They have new models and come in two variations, which is pretty good for a pack - not only does it have two mounts (which isn't unheard of, but isn't always common), but also two distinct pets. The Dark Scaryonette and the Light Merryonette have some great animations. Check them out!

Mount & Pet Grade: B
The community rates these items as:
Great 23% | Good 38% | Average 26% | Poor 13%

Elven Gear & Weapons

This pack contains two new sets of gear. Let's look at the Light Elf gear. This is primarily an energy set. Although it has other states, it's not great for battles. This gear does offer some of the higher energy bonuses available, but not by a lot.

The Dark Elf set is more focused on fishing and is perhaps closer to being a viable gear set, but still doesn't compare to any of the top sets. Unfortunately, this gear also doesn't come close to the fishing gear available for arena tickets. It's a shame they didn't lean one way or another rather than a mediocre mix of both which doesn't really serve either purpose and therefore won't be used.

The wands really aren't too bad. You have two options to choose from. The Light Elf sword provides a good energy bonus and an interesting may cast. The Dark Elf sword gives a little fishing luck with an alternate may cast. 

Gear Grade: B-
The community rates these items as:
Great 8% | Good 26% | Average 34% | Poor 32%

Decorations & Other Items

One thing will be immediately clear in opening your first few packs: this one is full of junk. It's just not the usual filler items, there's a lot of it, and it's common decorations and items already available at the Bazaar. The occasional pet is thrown in, including the Jack-O-Lantern, so it's not a total loss, but you'll likely be trashing 90% of the items you get from this one.

It does have some of the colored ghost house guests, which can be a nice bonus if you manage to snag them, along with a scarecrow and other Halloween-themed NPCs. These are perhaps the only thing saving the other content from complete failure.

Other Items Grade: D-
The community rates these items as:
 Great 2% | Good 3% | Average 38% | Poor 57%

Pack Analysis

This sort of pack structure isn't unusual - most of the time, you'll find yourself getting one new item in the second slot. If you think about, 299 crowns isn't bad even for just that one item, especially because the mounts seem to be pretty common drops. Also keep in mind, though, that your item could be a rental version of the mount, or those boots you already have 50 pairs of.

Click to enlarge pack-opening samples

You can get lucky and get items in the first slot or even a couple of new items in one pack. It happened to me once or twice and I've seen it happen to others as well. Generally, be prepared to see a lot of items you've seen before. Unlike some of the past packs that have almost guaranteed you one new item, this one does not. You will likely open some packs that are a complete bust, made up entirely of old filler content.

The Verdict

This is a pack you could definitely pass on if you're not interested in any of the items. If you're after a mount, give it a few times. Who knows? The robes in particular, along with some of the other items like wands seem to be fairly rare.

Overall Pack Grade: C-
The community rates this pack as:
 Great 0% | Good 20% | Average 49%Poor 31%

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Will you be buying this new pack?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! 

Credits: Thanks to Iridian Willowglen for helping out with the Scaryonette, dark robe, dark wand, light wand, and light robe. Thanks to Alric Ravensinger for the light hat!

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