Wizard101 10th Anniversary Contest Winners

Wizard101 celebrated their ten-year anniversary this month with contests galore! Here are the 10th anniversary contest winners this year from Swordroll's Blog.

Design a Doodlefish

I'm a big fan of fishing, and I'm ready to reward any wizard who wants to join in on the fishing fun. All you have to do is use a little creativity to design your own doodlefish. Your design may involve a simple description, a drawing, a digital design, or whatever else you can use to convey your idea.


  • First: Joseph Shadowblood
Joseph's entry did something original that only two participants thought of - actually mount their image on cardboard. The contest was to create not just a fish, but a doodlefish, and this creative measure really makes Joseph's entry stand out. Several entries, including this one, proposed the idea of using a pet as a fish, which is original. In this entry in particular, the translation of the subject into fish form is really well done. It has the traditional outlines and even stylized eyes that fit the doodlefish look very well. Joseph even found a great background to take the photo on. Additionally, he included relevant details and fishing information (and who can resist a good pun?). Nice work!


Can be seen swimming in the waters of Wizard City.
With the tail as old as time, this fish surely loves History
and has lots of tales to tell!

Classification: Balance
Rank: 2
Rarity: Seasonal
Aquarium: Regular
Location: Wizard City

  • Second: Nathan Darkblood
While it's not uncommon to see characters become doodlefish, we haven't yet seen a Gamma fish. Nathan's entry went a step further, though, and imagined Gamma as he might appear in an Aztecan headdress and other decoration. Nathan broke from the tradition of a character's hands transforming into fins and went with wings. His execution and craftsmanship on the concept are superb.
I made a doodlefish, I was thinking about how the birds in Azteca are wearing very colorful interesting costumes, and how funny it would be if Gamma had worn them as well.

  • Third: Iridian Willowglen
Iridian was the other contestant clever enough to cut out a drawing and place it on cardboard as a physical representation of what's in game. Besides that, she uses pattern and line work along with the W101 to create a colorful catch for the holidays. The candle on the head was particularly interesting to me, as it mimicked the lure of an anglerfish. 

The DecaDoodlefish can be found in ponds all over the spiral grinning gill to gill for Wizard101’s 10th anniversary. Wizards love to catch them because they taste like cake.

  • 2x Random Draw: Keller Anvilhorn, Heather Silvermask

There were quite a few really good entries and it was tough to make a final decision! I may share additional doodlefish entries in a future post.

Wizard Search & Find

It's time to explore the redesigned Wizard City! Check out new and updated areas to find these images, take a screenshot, and find as many as you can to win! Note: These hidden images only occur in updated areas and any internal locations: The Commons, Golem Court, Ravenwood, Nightside, Unicorn Way, the Pet Pavilion, the Shopping District, and Olde Town.




















1. The painting behind Darla Whisperwind in the Dye Shop
2. The design above the entrance to Firecat Alley
3. The key in the open battle circle design in the Hedge Maze
4. Part of a robe found in the Bazaar and other shops in the Shopping District
5. The cauldron inside the Death school (I also accepted the Storm version)
6. The barred door window in Rockhammer's Jewel Shop
7. Pierre Gallantmane in the Amulet Shop
8. Klortho's suit in the upstairs area of the library
9. Boots on the Dye Shop colored shelf
10. A death symbol in the library
11. The dragon's head on a frame in the Magic Mirror Shop
12. Portrait in the Pet Snack Shop in the Pet Pavilion
13. Duke Plumba in the Pet Pavilion at the Gobbler Drop game
14. The Spiral symbol over the exit door in Merle's Office. I also accepted the library exit door, but not all of the tunnels between locations, which are on darker stone.
15. Buxley Turtleton in either the 10th Anniversary building or the Housing Shop
16. The dragon pattern inside the Myth Tower. I also accepted the pattern below Cyrus' feet, but not the one of the exterior of the Myth School or Tower, which have distinctly smaller bricks.
17. The Ice Serpent drawing in the Ice School
18. The back of the Bloodbat on the merry-go-round in the Fairegrounds


  • First: Emma
  • Second: Alicia Firesword
  • Third: Isabella Storm
  • 2x Random Draw: Fiona Ravenstrider, Michael Shadowleaf

Birthday Screenshot Contest

Show off your screenshot skills and take an in-game picture that shows how you're celebrating Wizard101's 10th anniversary. Use Photomancy, Ctrl + G, or any other in-game tricks to take the perfect screenshot!


  • First: Erin Dragonheart
Erin's dorm is looking fantastic and absolutely fitting for the anniversary season, featuring birthday items and other KI-related gifts and decorations. There's clearly a lot of effort put in here and it makes for a great screenshot. Good job!

  • Second: Sarah Skystrider
Sarah is celebrating with the birthday balloons mount, school banners, and some of the epic food items given away during a KI Live stream! She even caught the gobbler popping out of the cake. It all works together for an impressive screenshot.

  • Third: Nathaniel Nightshade
Nathaniel did a little decorating as well, with present wallpaper and birthday-themed items that include a little glitching to enhance the beautiful cake centerpiece.

  • 2x Random Draw: Vanessa Deathhunter, Scot Sparkleeyes


Not interested in standard contests? Try your hand at a raffle for some additional prizes!


  • 3x 2,500 crowns: Marzenacka P., Esther W., Fiona S.
  • 3x Random Mount: John A., Mew, Tatiana S.

Other Contest Details

  • You can enter as many contests as you like, but you cannot win multiple contests (with the exclusion of the raffle).
  • Contest winners will be announced the first week of October.
  • Codes are redeemable only for the KingsIsle version of Wizard101.
  • All codes have been distributed to winners. If you encounter any problems, let me know.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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