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Wizard101 Great Detective Bundle Guide

The Great Detective Bundle for Wizard101 has arrived! This new game card provides a Hot Air Balloon Ride, Sherlock-themed gear and wand, plus a variety of other goodies. Check out everything that's new in this $29 bundle card, plus how and where to get it!

Great Detective Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Great Detective Bundle Guide
Location Sold: GameStop
Cost: $29
- Hot Air Balloon Ride
- Gyrocycle Mount
- Barkerville Hound Pet
- Sherlock's Outfit
- Sherlock's Eyeglass
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

How to Get Yours

This is a really odd bundle that, as Tara pointed out, mimics the Spooky Bundle to an extent. It's available for purchase from GameStop as an eCard. While it'll likely be online soon, all GameStop stores should be able to sell you one right away if you have them look up the SKU number: 182141.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

This card, like other $29 bundles, doesn't include a house, but does have a hot air balloon ride. This interactive housing object has a limit of 1 and allows users to click x to ride the balloon, which ascends into the air before coming back down.

Wizard101 Great Detective Bundle Guide

Gyrocycle Mount

This is one of Wizard's more creative mounts that places your wizard in a spinning ring that keeps it center upright using a gyrosphere. It's a great mix of the steampunk feel of The Professor and the B.O.X.E.S. but also the general industry and advanced vehicles of Marleybone. It gives a 50% speed boost.

Wizard101 Great Detective Bundle Guide

Barkerville Hound Pet

Wizard101 Great Detective Bundle Guide

Wizard101 Great Detective Bundle Guide
On the card, this is labelled the Baskerville Hound pet, but its in-game name is the Barkeville Hound. It's a sort ghost dog that has an impressive starting pedigree of 71 and provides two stun block cards. Like other bundle pets, this one cannot be offered for hatchmaking but can be hatched with normally.  

Although it's a Myth pet, the hound so far has manifested at least one Life talent. It'll be interesting to discover what other talents and abilities this pet has given its pedigree. 

It also starts out with decent stats, but is nowhere near a perfect pet. The looks are certainly unique, however. It seems KingsIsle has really liked this outline effect they have going on lately.

Sherlock's Outfit & Eyeglass

This gear isn't anything spectacular, but there are some interesting card offerings. Besides the buffed versions of current cards, there's a Cleanse Charm spell that, in tiers 5-10, becomes Double Cleanse Charm, and in tiers 11-13 becomes Triple Cleanse Charm. The highlight, though, is Arcane Deduction on the wand.

Wizard101 Great Detective Bundle Guide

Check out this video for all of the wand and gear tiers!

Will you be buying the Great Detective Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Thanks to Tara for sharing the UPC code for the bundle!

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