Wizard101 Yuletide Gingerbread Pack Review

Wizard101 has so many seasonal packs now that it's almost getting out of hand, but that didn't stop the release of yet another pack with a few new items up for grabs. If you're a Christmas fanatic, this might just be the pack for you!

Yuletide Gingerbread Pack: What's Inside

This pack limits its new items to a few highlighted goodies - three new gear sets and wands, a pet, and a mount. There are also items from other Christmas packs and plenty of filler items. It is worth noting that this pack could be your second chance at some of the top energy-giving gear in the game and at least one older mount. Let's take a look at what's new!

Crumbles Gingerhorse Mount & Gingerbread Man Pets

This pack has a pretty unique mount which has many players split. It's a gingerbread cookie mount, which means it's pretty thin and doesn't have much of a movement animation. While I think the idea is creative, this just isn't the sort of thing I'd like to be riding around on. Still, it has some cool features, like being frosted on one side and plain cookie on the other. Also, because it's just a cookie, you have to paddle to move it underwater.

The Gingerbread Man pets are replicas of the gingerbread enemies at a smaller scale. They've got some interesting animations, including licking their sword into a point (it's quite menacing) and an odd dance.

Mount & Pet Grade: B
The community rates these items as:
Great 34% | Good 31% | Average 17% | Poor 18%

Gingerbread Gear & Wands

Some packs include different sets of gear that work for different schools, but there's been a little bit of an unfortunate trend lately of gear in packs which only fits a few schools. There is still a universal set in the pack, but the stats generally suffer in that case. Otherwise, the Gingerbread Pack offers a Storm and Myth set and a Fire and Ice set.

The hats lean on the aggressive side with emphasis on critical chance and damage. They offer accuracy, however, which isn't as appealing. Each provides one copy of Stun Block.

Robes, like most of the more recent versions, are defensive, providing a lot of health, block, and resistance. Generally robes with this stat structure are ignored as potential gear options, and I don't believe these will break that trend. All of the robes provide one copy of Legion Shield.

Pack boots tend to be one of the most viable gear options among pack gear, and these boots do indeed offer great critical and attack. Unlike many past boots, however, these don't include any resistance. They're pretty similar to the hats. All of the boots provide one copy of Freeze.

The wands are surprisingly viable and have good critical and good damage. If you're willing to give up the block available on other wands, you can get some decent pip conversion chance as well. Each wand has the chance to cast Tower Shield.

Gear Grade: B-
The community rates these items as:
Great 3% | Good 22% | Average 36% | Poor 39%

Old Gear & Other Items

This pack isn't quite as full of junk as the Elven Nightmare Pack, but it's close. If you need a large supply of Christmas decorations, you might benefit from some of the additional items, but most of us purchase what we want with gold and don't need our backpacks stuffed with extras. 

This pack does, however, contain some other items. You can learn Reindeer Knight and Krampus from the pack - that's definitely a bonus. You can also get up to level 130 versions of old gear, including really good energy gear. Unfortunately, you tend not to get any of the new items if you open up one of these items in a pack.

Other Items Grade: C
The community rates these items as:
Great 3% | Good 13% | Average 39% | Poor 45%

Pack Analysis

This pack places most of its quality items in the last two slots. You tend to get a nice item on the bottom row in the middle - either an old piece of gear or one of the new items. Trained spells and permanent mounts appear in the very last slot. While this makes meaningful items a near-guarantee, you'll get a lot of duplicates and a ton of filler items from the other slots.

Click to enlarge pack-opening samples

Here's the rarity of some of the more notable items in the pack:

  • Epic: Permanent Mounts, Spells
  • Ultra-Rare: Robes, Wands, Pets, 7-day mounts
  • Rare: Hats, Boots, 1-day mounts, hairstyles

The Verdict

This is a pack where you really need to assess whether or not you're interested in the mount or gear. If not, this probably isn't the pack for you. The pet can be hatched, of course, and the other gear can be obtained from others packs which may have items you want more. 

This pack is not a complete loss because of its inclusion of the spells and some past energy gear. Besides that, the more reliable drop rates means you're actually getting pretty good value for your 299 crowns most of the time. It just might not be the type of value you were hoping for.

Overall Pack Grade: C+
The community rates these items as:
Great 15% | Good 28% | Average 36% | Poor 21%

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What have you gotten from the Gingerbread Pack?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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