Top 5 Empyrea Part 2 Drops

While Empyrea Part 2 doesn't have as a great of drop offerings as some past worlds, the structure of gear drops and some of the items offered from Wizard101's latest world are super cool. But what should you farm for? We'll take a look at the top five drops you need in Empyrea Part 2.

#5 Pure Aethyr

Drops from: Husk Bosses (Vigilant Sargun, Arachna Magna Magus, The Rat, The Scorpion, Titan's Trident)

This rare reagent drops some a select few battles in the Husk. It's like your back-up plan for obtaining some of the best gear available from the world. Empyrea has a really unique gear offering - level 130 dropped versions from some easier fights (Zanadu gear), level 130 crafted gear, and another level 130 dropped set (Paradox gear) that is exactly the same stats as the crafted gear. This means that if you aren't lucky enough to be collecting your Paradox gear drops, you can use the Pure Aethyr reagent to craft your missing pieces. Note that this reagent is also a reward for completing the Quest "From Raven's Beak."

#4 Forest Lord & Efreet Alternate Treasure Cards

Drops from: Various Bosses (The Pestilence, Husk Bosses, Dark Cloud Leader, Etc.)

Some of these were previously available as TCs or Item Cards, but you'll be finding them more often in Empyrea Part 2. Treasure Cards aren't as popular of an item to collect as some other items, but these are worth having for more than just collectors. If you need a big, single-hit AoE, the Forest Lord card variations can help you out. If you want a card that gives you a powerful hit and a bonus effect, the Efreet card variations might be for you. Life, and Balance in particular get the wonderful -90% damage effect from these cards, which could make them a useful PvP tool. Eric Stormbringer has pointed out that his testing revealed the card description on Maelstrom Marid to be incorrect. The card actually does 1200 damage and applies a -60% accuracy debuff to all enemies. But if you're not into that, you'll likely stumble upon at least one of these during your questing and they've got pretty cool animations if you just want to cast them for fun.

#3 School Frog Pets

Drops from: Briar Scourge, Brainworm, Enormishtoad, Sepidula, Deputy Fife

Roaming boss pets have been around for awhile, but I'm not always a huge fan of them. These school frog pets, however, are pretty cool. Plus, there are a couple of bosses that drop more than one pet! Each frog has the school symbols and colors of whatever school the boss is. You'll get to see the pet go to work in battle, often casting spells for the boss. All of these bosses are in open areas where anyone can join you, making them a great farming adventure. For more on these pets, check out my guide HERE.

#2 Level 130+ Zanadu Gear

Drops from: Admiral Dynt, Husk Bosses, Tumbler

If you're not into farming the tougher bosses (though most of the Husk fights are very do-able, with the exception of the Titan's Trident), you can stop by Admiral Dynt and farming for some lower-tier level 130+ gear. This gear isn't that far off from matching the best. Furthermore, the recipes for the best crafted gear require a piece of this dropped gear. So, for example, if you want the best level 130+ robe, but you don't want to farm the Trident, you can farmed for Pure Aethyr and ANY school robe from Dynt and use them to craft one that matches the stats of the Paradox gear. While this gear drops from a number of bosses, Admiral Dynt is my recommendation. Check out this dropped gear in a guide HERE.

#1 Level 130+ Paradox Gear

Drops from: Husk Bosses (Vigilant Sargun drops hats and boots, Arachna Magna Magus drops athames and decks, The Rat and The Scorpion drop amulets and rings, Titan's Trident drops everything)

The great thing about this gear is that you don't have to have it. But, if you're lucky enough to get the drops, it will save you from having to craft any of the any best gear, plus it looks awesome. That, for me, is the number one draw to the Paradox gear. It lets you take on the appearance of the Divine Paradox form at the end of the world. Unfortunately, the robes come only from the Titan's Trident, but the rest can be obtained from various Husk bosses. Check out a guide to this gear on Final Bastion HERE.

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What will you be farming for in Empyrea?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

Credits: Thanks to Alex Lionheart for the Ice Genie spell and to Malorn Mythhunter and Blaze Stormsword for the Fire and Ice Lord and Storm Genie spells.

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