Wizard101 Aero Plains Bundle

Wizard101's newest game card - the Aero Plains Bundle - is here! Following past trends, this bundle matches the world released this year. This Empyrea Part 2 style bundle is based largely on the Aero Dwarves in Port Aero and surrounding areas. It uses similar buildings and textures, with some unique offerings across the board.

Aero Plains Bundle Overview

Location Sold: GameStop, Extra Life 2018 Reward
Cost: $39
- Aero Village
- Blue Ox Mount
- Squirreligig Pet
- Aero Plains Gear
- AeroCannon
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

How to Get Yours

This bundle was given out as a reward to individuals who earned $100 or more in donations for Extra Life 2018. The bundle is also available online on GameStop's website HERE and should be available in stores soon.

Aero Dwarf Village

Like other $39 bundles, this one includes an epic new house! It's a series of structures all interconnected via tunnel system, with a secret area behind the waterfall that leads to a windmill for daily rewards! Check out the house in the video below.

Blue Ox Mount

Many of the creatures in the Aero Plains have already been highly requested as mounts and pets. The Aero Plains Bundle appropriately solves one of those problems with the Blue Ox, a +40% speed mount that's perfect for questing through Empyrea Part 2.

Squirreligig Pet

The Squirreligig pet is a great addition to any pet collection! While it's not really the type of pet I expected for an Empyrea Part 2 bundle, especially one involving dwarves, it's definitely cool. The squirrel uses its tail to fly around, propelling itself forward. It starts with decent stats and gives an Unstoppable card.

Dwarven Gear & AeroCannon

This gear on this bundle is a little disappointing. Not only are the stats not spectacular, there are also no great card offerings this time around. The gear offers a few 9-pip spells in 7-pip versions so anyone can cast them with reduced damage but still with the original effects. However, if you're interested in dressing like a dwarf, this could be the set for you.

The wand, on the other hand, is quite interesting! The AeroCannon is okay in terms of stats, but its appearance is really something! This is a wand you might be interested in using for its cosmetic appeal. It has a chance to cast Mana Burn, which would definitely be an interesting occurrence, specifically in PvP matches.

The level 130+ gear set is shown below. All tiers are included in the video.

Check out this video for all of the wand and gear tiers!

Will you be buying the Aero Plains Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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