Level 130+ Crafted Gear in Empyrea Part 2

The level 130+ crafted gear available in Empyrea Part 2 in Wizard101 could be a game-changer, mainly because crafted gear has traditionally been unable to compete with dropped gear. But let's take a look at the crafted options and explore why they're so important for Wizard101!

Past Crafted Gear Options

It's been quite a while since we've had any serious crafted options for gear. Although I haven't looked much at Empyrea Part 1's items, the last time I can recall crafted gear really making an impact was Grizzleheim and Wintertusk, partly because instances like the Waterworks dropped gear that was good for the next 30 levels and nothing else came close. With Empyrea Part 2, we might see that changed! And it makes sense. It has now been 30 levels since Darkmoor gear. It might finally be time for a proper upgrade.

Accessing Empyrea Part 2 Crafted Gear

To get access to this gear, you'll need to make it to Nimbus in the Empyrea Part 2 main story quest. Inside Nimbus Citadel, turn right and go into the small room on the end that has a number of different vendors. The one on the very right will have the crafted gear.

All of this gear is for level 130+ wizards, and you'll be able to access it long before you can actually use it. The recipes are a little challenging, but worth it for the quality of gear you get in many cases. In order to get the recipes, you need the badge Visionary Crafter, obtained by completing the latest crafting quest from the Arcanum.

Crafting Requirements

Besides some reagents found area Empyrea and in silver chests, the curious item required for a lot of the crafted gear is the dropped 130+ version. The crafted gear is actually better than the dropped level 130 version, but it seems kind of excessive to have to get the other item just for tiny stat increases. I'd like to see this altered, or the recipe require maybe ANY piece of other 130+ gear if that's possible. In a sense, you'd be converted a bad drop to a usable one.

Level 130+ Hats

Level 130+ Robes

Level 130+ Boots

Level 130+ Wands

Level 130+ Athames

Level 130+ Amulets

Level 130+ Rings

Will you be crafting the level 130+ gear?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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