Empyrea Edicts of Raven Quest Guide

Empyrea Part 2 brings with it some really interesting side quests. Among them is a new history quest to collect the Edicts of Raven and hear her decrees for the people of Empyrea. Locating the Edicts can be tough, so here's a quick guide to help you out, plus the edicts from Raven herself! Warning: spoilers!

New Quest: Word Search

To get started, you need to get the quest "Word Search" from Sebastia in Nowhere Village in Aerial Shore.

After the introduction, you'll need to venture to a Spider Monkey Cave inside the cavern in Aeriel Jungle. Mother Monkey Spider is a Rank 17 Life Boss with 13,200 health and will be accompanied by at least one Monkey Spider, a Rank 15 Myth enemy with 2,420 health. This is just a normal fight - no cheats here.

When you're done, collect the Edict of Raven in the cave. Note that this may still be bugged to where only one person can collect it in the instance. You may want to fight separately if you have multiple characters.

Once you've collected the edict, you'll return to Sebastia in Aeriel Shore who will direct you to an Alphoi Custodian in Zanadu. The Custodian is near the entrance to the Nightwyng instance. Don't be fooled by a tricky quest helper arrow, the Custodian is around the side of the building, not in the instance.

New Quest: From Raven's Beak

Now we're in business! You need to find the four remaining Edicts of Raven, which are scattered across Empyrea, both in parts 1 and 2. You cannot use the quest helper for this quest, so locating these, especially in larger locations or spots without a map, can be tough. Follow along to find them all!

Chaos Jungle Edict

One of the easier ones to find, the Chaos Jungle Edict is near some giant ants. To access the Chaos Jungle since it is currently bugged and doesn't show up on the Streamportal for everyone, you may need to go to Mandalla and take the appropriate ship down to the Jungle. Take a look at the map here for a more detailed explanation.

Southwest Aero Plains Edict

Perhaps the toughest of the edicts to locate, this one is hidden across a vast landscape of wind turbines and rolling hills. It's hidden being a rock near the very bottom of the map. It's not too tough to find when you've got some directions, but tracking this thing down without them is a challenge! Take a close look at the map here.

The Stomach Edict

This is the easiest of the edicts to find, and it's located inside the Stomach of Sepidious. You can take the Streamportal there from nearly anywhere in Empyrea. Just beyond the first battle areas and to your right, you'll find it.

Zanadu Sewers Edict

This one is a bit of a challenge. So far, it's been bugged to not appear but every so often when a new area opens, similar to the pod bug in Empyrea Part 1. I'm unsure if this is fixed now or not, but if you change realms and wait around long enough, one should eventually spawn for you.

Getting to this one is also tough because there's no map for the sewers. You need to enter the sewers and go down the ramp and to the left. There's a tunnel with a bunch of shadow creatures in it. Stay to the left until you reach a type of alcove with a door and turn into it. The Edict is around the corner.

Reciting the Edicts of Raven

Once you've collected all five Edicts of Raven, you'll return to the Custodian, but this time you'll go inside the building to prepare for the reading!

With all of the edicts placed in the giant stone hand, it's time for the reading! If you recall in Khrysalis, the history was read via orbs by Grandfather Spider (who at the time we believed was simply Old Cob - a mysterious figure in a hood). These edicts are read, as you might expect, by Raven! Take a look.

The Reading of the Edicts of Raven
"To the Dwarves: You are the keepers of Fire and Ice; stewards of my Will. You shall be the force of innovation that moves Empyrea forward."
"To the Kalamar: You are the keepers of Life and Death; stewards of Order. You shall bring and sustain harmony to Empyrea."
"To the Nimbari: You are the keepers of Storm and Myth; stewards of Strength. You shall protect Empyrea with might, and imagination."
"To the Alphoi: You shall be the keepers of my Edicts; the Stewards of my Words. You shall keep Empyrea illuminated in knowledge."
"To all my children: Do not forget my Words. Study them often. For, if you do not live in the Light, you will be consumed by the Shadow."

Talk to the Custodian one more time to wrap up your quest. Congratulations on completing Empyrea Part 2's history quest and hearing the Edicts of Grandmother Raven!

What do you think of Empyrea Part 2's history quest?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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