Level 130+ Dropped Gear in Empyrea Part 2

While some of Empyrea Part 2's level 130+ gear remains a bit of a mystery as wizards continue to fight and farm the final or nearly final boss, a lot of other level 130+ gear is already being dropped! Let's check out some of the stats. Warning: spoilers!

Where to Get the Gear

This gear comes from at least one of the later fights in Empyrea Part 2 - Admiral Dynt. He's made his return in this portion of the story and what makes him such an attractive boss to farm is that he has a boss chest, which is somewhat of a rarity in Empyrea Part 2. This gear is required for some of the crafted gear, but it's also just pretty good by itself.

Level 130+ Hats

The hats are more viable than the robes but less viable than the boots. They provide damage and critical, but, like other hat drops in Polaris and Mirage, sacrifice resistance that's available on Malistaire gear, and a fair bit of it, too. Still, if damage and offense is your only goal, or you're playing in a team with a healer, these hats could be nice for hammers.

Level 130+ Robes

The robes are one of the pieces you probably won't be too interested in. They follow a newer trend of being purely defensive pieces that focus on health, block, and resistance. With some of the boot and hat options today, they might work okay other than the fact that Malistaire gear and other robes provide these bonuses plus damage. I don't suspect we'll see many of these robes out and about.

Level 130+ Boots

The boots are often standout pieces in their sets, as they include the resistance and damage you're looking for on boots. Unlike the Time Warden set from Mirage, however, these boots include power pip chance, making them a very desirable drop for wizards trying to improve their gear set, even if it's just the slightest bit.

Level 130+ Wands

The wands, in their title, currently have some sort of spacing or character glitch that is causing a box to appear. Ignore that. These wands, like most other newer wands, place a greater emphasis on pip conversion than most wizards are really concerned with. The combination of damage and critical is nice, though.

Level 130+ Athames

While the athames are missing the all-important triangle slot for socketing, they do offer a pretty insane amount of health compared to some of the other top athames. Still, sacrificing damage and power pip chance is probably too much of a drawback for these to see use.

Level 130+ Amulets

The amulets in these sets are mastery amulets, which makes them a little unique. You can't use your own school's mastery amulet, so you're either going to use another school's or another amulet entirely. Besides just the mastery, you get 100 or so health, some resistance, and a spear spell from that particular school.

Level 130+ Rings

The rings might have been good for purely offensive setups, but they make pretty significant health and power pip sacrifices for their critical and damage. Given that the Aphrodite rings already offer more damage, more health, more sockets, and other bonuses, I don't see these rings making a big impact given how critical and block decay have destroyed those stats.

Level 130+ Decks

The decks are pretty good. In fact, depending on what else drops later on in Empyrea Part 2, these may be the new best decks in the game. The stat increases from previous dropped decks are so small that you wouldn't want to spend an eternity farming. There are no great new additions like the power pip chance on the boots.

Will you be farming for the level 130+ gear?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!
Credits: Big thanks to Cody Raventamer for the Myth robe and Life deck!

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