The Morganthe Finale: Polaris?

Broken, lost - the only gate;
Through silver doors she does await

Halloween announcements went out today of upcoming new quests tomorrow (after being recalled for glitches this morning). However, the monthly newsletter shared an interesting new photo pictures below. 

Mysteries Abound

The picture here is of a broken Spiral door. The question is - where is it and what is to come? I think it's clear that Morganthe is the cause, whether directly or not. Note that this version has been edited slightly in terms of color, to view the original, check out the newsletter HERE.

Looking closely, I'm interested in what I see. But, of course, I'm still wondering where we're going. Then I noticed the shape of the lamp which is likely the instance entrance showing whether you can or cannot enter or if you have a quest.

Also notice that the frame to wherever it leads appears to be circular. The design in general seems very rounded, which will be a nice change from square buildings in Azteca. But that lamp... it reminded me instantly of something.

Past Houses Resurface

I remembered catching a glimpse of the Winter Winds Tower for the first time long ago. I was completely impressed with its new design. But think to yourself - what's the best way for a company to maximize profits on game bundles? Use pre-existing textures and models to build the houses in a new way.

That's why the fact that this had all-new textures and a new design should have been a big hint from the start. This can only lead me to one conclusion - the Morganthe finale is Polaris. Has anyone else found it strange that there are so many Polaris concepts around, and yet, Blind Mew seems to suggest that it won't be in the Armada arc and isn't in development? Isn't it odd that we have all of these new textures that seemed to belong to Avalon but match Polaris perfectly? If you don't believe, me just look HERE.

In support of this little theory, I've put up a new background on the site - what do you think?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. It could be for all we know Umbra (are we still considering that as a world) or Darkmoor, and for the sake of Cret, Empyrea. We have seen everything except her striking from the shadows.

    The mirror will break (check),
    The horn will call (check),
    I will strike from the shadows,
    And the Skies will fall (check).

    It must be Darkmoor, Umbra, forget Darkmoor, we all see the multiple islands in the only piece of Concept art of it, well I see it.

    1. I'm still convinced that Darkmoor is a Pirate world, especially because it's confirmed that we're going there and we've seen, uh... gothic ships.

      I think she struck from the shadows back in Azteca. Or that is a general, blanket statement. This new world looks too blue and grey in color to be a Darkmoor-type, though.

    2. Very true Swordroll, but it looks like there is a spider web under the broken door and in the the first version (not your modified) the light shining out of that lamp has a spidery-ish look to it on the edge.

      Darkmoor could be in both games, look at Marleybone MooShu, they are in both Pirate101 and Wizard101, but ehh, maybe it will be a only Pirate101.

      Guess - Umbra
      Reason - Morganthe talks about going back (I think) at the end of Xibalba right before the (SPOILER!) Malistaire the Undying fight.

  2. Also, I love the new background! Well done, Jason. :)

  3. I remember saying this crazy conspiracy theory that Napoleguin faked the Polarian Wars as a way to deal with Morganthe's Army.The Emperor of MooShu says that there are Council of Light members in Polaris and everyone was wondering where Polaris was. Now, they won't call me crazy anymore!

  4. I don't really understand how Polaris even makes Polaris is DEFINITELY a pirate world. And because of some things that LOOK like textures from a "winter-y" place, it's Polaris? Which confuses me even is that image even close to icy, russian, french or even look anything like past images of concept of Polaris. Darkmoor is a likely candidate since it is dark, but Polaris makes little to no sense. Blind Mew said we won't visit Polaris soon, but he has confirmed it will eventually be a world, so they may have just made concept for Pirate101 so that when we had the world icon and stuff like that, it all had a similar theme. You said it kinda matches the tower of the winter wind which again, wasn't meant to be Polaris at all, that was Avalonian. And textures are reused a lot in both games, they use the same mountain texture for almost everything with color variants.

    1. The Winter Winds Tower may have seemed to be related to Avalon, and it was, but the house uses a design not even close to that of Avalon, which is very square and angular in design with its castles. This is entirely round with roofs that match the Polaris concept from Pirate101.

      Can you point me to the post in which Mew said Polaris would definitely be a world? I don't recall seeing anything like that.

      I think you'd be really surprised how little textures are actually reused, because they, like art, progress and improve through the years, which is why we are seeing better version and re-textured items in Pirate101 from Wizard101. And these aren't the exact textures, either. But the pattern on that wall and the general shape has a great resemblance.

      I couldn't tell you exactly what it has to do with the storyline, and I can't say I'm right, but as of now, the very blue and rounded design says "no" to Darkmoor (plus the fact that it's on its way in Pirate), and that one photo is all we have, so I'm sticking with Polaris as my guess for now. If you could guess only a single world, what would it be?

    2. You still aren't making sense. The image shows no "round" roofs or anything. Plus the Winterwind tower and Avalon are VERY alike. Avalon if you didn't notice was like 100% squares everywhere. Square huts, square trees, square rocks, and most importantly octogonal towers. Polaris is confirmed in multiple media outlets, many interviews with Blind Mew, message boards, even the bio! It is mentioned we will have Polaris for sure in Pirates by Tom too. When we don't know. The main thing is that it wouldn't even fit Wizards since it is based on war and guns. Magic wouldn't in the slighest bit fit. Your evidence for this whole post makes little sense and has no real point in saying Polaris is the next world. That little image has been said to be dark, space like, but honestly it doesn't matter because the "web" texture on the floor and wall clearly shows that is Morganthe's palace of whatever. She has clearly taken over in that image and it could be any world. Heck it could be Monquista! It is literally a dark room with a broken door and light. That could be anywhere, and I am sure Polaris is not likely for that qualification.

    3. I do not believe Polaris is the next world for Wizard101 (What is with people and Polaris? What's so special about it that it just has to be Polaris?). I think the world is more likely to be Empyrea than Polaris. Look at the texture on the mural and wall in the picture. See the crackings? Definitely a world with some age to it.
      Take into account the gold band that edges in the backing, too. Polaris has seen no sides of using gold. Also look at the design of the mural. It looks like clouds and wind. It even extands onto the flooring. Empyrea is a sky world and clouds are found in the sky. The inside of the buildings probably play off of that.

      What also marks it as Empyrea to me is the coloring. When ever I say Empyrea, I think blues, gold, and white. This pic matches that.

      The Winter Winds Tower to me has always been Avalonian. No matter what. It was released during the time of Avalon. While the palace doesn't look like an exact Avalon match, the geography and sky does. Just with a wintery spin.

      Blind Mew (nor KI) has confirmed Polaris will be a world, but there are just too many strong indications that Polaris is going to be in Pirate101. If you look at the 'Story Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo' Blind Mew started, many of the questions about Polaris he answered, indicated we were going. He also said we would be taking our time there.

      Also, from all the background said about Pirate101 that used Polaris, only makes it better fit for Pirate101 as a main world. Could both games get it? Yes, however, I don't see anything in Polaris that has more interest for Wizards than Pirates.

      I honestly, just can't see Polaris fitting in.

    4. Nick, I am referring to the lamp/lantern used for instances in the photo, shaped remarkably like the Winter Winds Tower. You also just validated my point - Avalon is all squares, down the the shrubbery. This tower's look is not, not at all. Compare it to the picture in the link - same colors, same shapes. Heck, the gold bars are even on the towers that you see in that photo.

      This, to me, is overwhelming evidence. If nothing else, it's all we've got. And it seems to match alright to me. I'll be continuing to shape my theory as we get more of the teasers, but this is it for now.

      As for the confirmation of Polaris, I don't deny it, but I won't believe it fully until you provide specific links.

    5. So what you are telling me is, a similar lamp to something based on proof of Polaris because the Avalon place, had snow...if that is evidence to you okay...but it really has no specific evidence at all. I mean, the lamp doesn't have a Polaris symbol on it so until you prove to me that is indeed even remotely related to Polaris, I find it VERY unlikely. As for links I can give you them whenever but some are word of mouth, they are found on the message boards, I will find them for you.

    6. Here is your proof btw, well one of, probably best since it is a primary source. He indeed CONFIRMS Polaris, however says it will take some time. Which brings me to my theory of the Pirate going to Valencia and Krok next, followed by Darkmoor and then Polaris. You need to find the specific thread but just look until you find Blind Mew talking about Polaris

    7. I believe we will be back in Celestia!

    8. The Winter Winds tower, while possibly fitting with Avalon, is NOT based on it. You agreed with that when you said that Avalon was all squares. Take a look at the exterior. And then, why have all those extra textures when you're trying to spend as little as possible?

    9. Swordroll,

      If the Winter Winds Tower is NOT based on Avalon like you keep saying it isn't, then explain to me why the bundle was released shortly after Avalon's release.

      Also why does the Winter Winds Tower include grasses and land scapes similar to Avalon's?

      Furthermore, the Malorian Dragon has a very medival name and look and what world holds that theme? And the Mythic Beast that comes with it looks identical to the pets in the Hydra's Hoard pack which again was a pack themed off of Avalon and once included the pet that is part of the Majestic Bundle.

      Do you disagree that the Super Bundle and Dino Bundle are themed with and for Zafaria and Azteca? The Pyramide of the Lost Horizon and the Sun Palance have some designs and details not found in either world, but still hold a close detail to them yes? If you notice, many worlds are gaining their houses through bundles, and the only one that best associates itself with Avalon is the Winter Winds Tower.

      This tower could be used as a way to show a different type of look at Avalon. Avalon during the winter months. Also, who says a Bundle house MUST look EXACTLY like the architecture of the world it themes? No, the house doesn't look like the current design for Avalon, but that doesn't mean it was designed as an outlier.

      The Majestic Bundle was released during Avalon's coming. It has a geography only found in Avalon. It's interier has strikely similar scenes from Avalon (like the dungeon and top tower floor). It can teleport you to Caliburn. It has a dragon with looks like the Wyrms of Avalon and comes with a pet that is similar to the Hydra Pack, a pack themed for Avalon. The house designed is for a Avalon.

    10. P.S. who says KI is trying to spend little as possible on Bundles? KI normally goes extravagent with those. Why would they include Hidden Catacombs in the Azteca Dino bundle? Or an Oracle and Maze in the Aquilan Olympian Bundle. Or release 3 bundles at once? KI plans enough of a budget to do whatever designs the feel necessary (or fun) for the house. Typically they take on their own projects. The houses and clothing still connect to the world they are released for, but have their own unique design found nowhere else.

    11. There is a difference between a selling point and actually investing more in the bundles. Designing catacombs is not hard. you simply say, "Hey, and add some hidden catacombs like this..." to the artists. On the other hand, creating new textures just for a house requires an idea process, then goes to the artists, and just ends up taking more time than it's worth. That's why the new textures in the Olympian Bundle gave away the fact that Aquila was coming to Wizard101.

      That being said, special concepts are done for these bundle items. Logically, any company that works for a profit - and that's all of them - wants to maximize revenue and minimize cost. That's simple economics. Therefore, KingsIsle will spend as little time and money as possible on bundles, while making them convincing enough to sell. For example, with the Pyramid of the Lost Horizon, it would not have been a house worth getting at all without the catacombs. That's the main part of the house. And yet, instead of a gift-giving device as in several other homes, they got by with replacing that slot of their card with the catacombs, which were really only the house anyway.

      As to the Avalon release, of course the bundle was based off of Avalon. But any castle would work well there, and the type they chose just worked alright, it wasn't great. Forsaking that, I am simply drawing comparisons in design between this house (Which again uses new textures for the house specifically, which is not saving them any money - remember the Acropolis and then Aquila example?), the Polaris pictures we have, and this released image. You can argue from strange angles all you like - what you can't do is deny that there are new textures there, that there is a similarity between the castle and Polaris photo (in shape and color), and that there are further similarities between the tower shape and that of the Winter Winds tower. I also don't recall Avalon having any snow or winds. The texture in the teaser looks to be very much like wind.

    12. There are new textures, and maybe that's one of the houses selling points that you mentioned with the Olympian Bundle.

      While the design to the house is similar to Polaris concepts we've seen, I still do not believe it marks Polaris. The house is very Celtic inspired. So how can Celtic themes translate to Polaris? Two themes could look similar, but that does not mean it automatically correlates to each other. And just because the house is cold and snowy, does not mean Polaris is on the rise to me. Maybe the new textures are just for unique purposes. Who knows?

      Yeah, there was no snow in Avalon, but there was a quest that referenced Nodor. Is it impossible that the house could reference more of that world? Or couldn't also show a view of Avalon in a season we didn't get to see?

      And also, just because Polaris was mentioned in our story, doesn't mean it will be on our way. Both Valencia and Monquista were referenced in our story, but they have yet to make any impact. And yeah, there's no denying Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, and Aquila have flip-flopped in both games, but that doesn't mean every world we encounter will be in both games. Some worlds will remain original to either game. I think Polaris has so much more potential and power in Pirate101 than Wizard101. Because here's the thing, people keep saying "Oh! It's Polaris" yet, no one ever takes a gander at WHY Morganthe or the Council of Light or Wizard101 NEEDS Polaris. Unless someone can provide evidence of a Russian/French event that KI can play off of that can allude to the 2nd Arc's ongoing theme (celestial), I don't see Polaris coming.

      But honestly, I doubt we are going to go any where with this debating. You still think it's Polaris and I'm adament that it's Empyrea. So let's agree to disagree, 'kay? We'll wait until November rolls in and then we'll have our answer. Fair enough?

    13. I'm not set in stone on Polaris, it was simply a first guess with the teaser image. Mine, like everyone else's, will evolve as we receive more teaser images.

  5. Swordroll, it can't be Polaris. That world is a Russian-French world, Blind Mee had stated that. And the designing of the world is nowhere similar, plus, Polaris is modern so why would something that old be there? However, Nodor seems to fit, it's been hidden ever since the Mammoths fled there a d it makes a great place being North where nearly no one could survive, as well it seems like a suited area for a Celestial Choir all though I had hoped Morganthe would have fled to a more, Forest like world. Lastly, in my thoughts Yago is apart of Empyrea or Empyrea is apart of Aquila. And one other thing, Empyrea doesn't appear to he all sky do this picture coulf be a ruined structure for Morganthe's base within Empyrea..

    ~Sincerely, E.

  6. The bunny world? Lol jk. But I think it could be a brand new world none of us expected. KI has done it before and I wouldn't put it past them to do it again. Think of how amazing dragonspyre was when we first saw it. They have to be going for that wow factor again.

  7. "You'll take your time getting to Polaris." Aha, I see. So it is confirmed, but I thought he hinted that it wasn't in the Armada arc.

    1. Far from it. All the Armada Arc is the same as el dorado. El Dorado, has all the worlds already planned for it, Darkmoor and Polaris being two confirmed. Krokotopia has a lot of evidence as well as a Grizzleheim/Wizard City Skyway. Worlds such as Rajah, Zafaria, and full Grizzleheim are still to be decided for second arc. There is mention they want to work on Albion in the future but do to budget cuts with the first Marleybone expansion, it had to be cut out. Basically in no more than 2 years we will see Polaris.

    2. Aww! I want to see Albion badly! They should make it as a side skyway in the future.

  8. Hmm, I'd like to contribute again. First of all, Avalon is based off of English lore. The name Avalon itself comes from the Isle of Avalon where Arthur went to rest. And Avalon had a lot of Cubed places because Emgland's style was represented like that at the time. However, there were also a lot of Towers back then, the majority of them were Small Cylinder Kingdoms in a way, thus the Winter Winds Tower was invented. And Empyrea in my opinion sounds stormy-or you could say Royal and Purple. As well Empyrea isn't all sky and even if it was why would the Storm Titan be there? It has nothing to do with Water. So what's so grand about Empyrea now?

    As to reference of the picture, it appears the room is circular and that past the lamp is a frame dividing the room and a hall. The designs all appear to be winds and cold winds at that. Plus the room appears very dark and chilling like a ruined empire. It would thus partially make sense that it is a Northern world. And as for the spider webs theories, I doubt it. Morganthe wouldn't do that, it just seems like a waste of time.

    As for Polaris, it doesn't seem to fit. It's a French Russian world with advanced Technology and is in the middle of a war. I highly doubt we'd be going there, nothing-not even that screenshot fits their style.

    ~Lastly, a few side thoughts.

    KI should consider Bunnaria as a possible world would create a connection with the players that they've been loosing.

    Umbra has NEVER been mentioned but it is a good ideal like Bunnaria.

    Hopefully the other Fansites read this. How about you discuss this amongst your Fansites? It will boost publicity and even if it yes off topic of your Fansite whom cares? Perhaps something about this world may assist your Fansite later on...stop being lazy and do something for the community for once.
    How about we discuss spells?

    ~Sincerely, E.

    1. KI maps out all the worlds for an arc. This world that they've worked on for possibly 11-12 months is in definite concrete and probably planned long before the rumored (and player made) Bunnaria and Umbra.

      When I think Empyrea, I simply think clouds and skies and prominent colors of blue, gold, and white. The picture holds all those colors as the mural has cloud designs and main of blue stone.

      Also, Empyrea comes from the worlds "empyrean" (meaning highest heaven) and "empyreal" (of the sky; celestial). Both words come from the Greek word "empyrus" meaning of or in the fire. The highest heaven was said to occupy the element of light and fire.

      This meaning of empyrean (highest heaven) further alludes to the angelic hierarchy. This is a system where angels are set up into various ranks, spheres, or choirs. Remember what Morganthe said at the end of Azteca? That she needed to complete her celestial choir? This is the only theme or mentioned world that has the closet meaning to this. Also because "empyreal" can mean celestial and the main theme of this arc has been "celestial," Empyrea is a perfect match.

      Yes, Empyrea is a sky world, but there is obviously land to walk on (or at least magical clouds). This picture had to show that subtly and in a building or it would be a dead give-away. Also, Empyrea could be the resting place of the 3 titan races (Giants, Tritons, and Dragons).

      Lastly, I'm positive Morganthe broke that Spiral Door. She has every reason to. Since we've really caught up with her, she needs to do anything to slow us down. Even keep us out of the next world...

  9. When I think of Empyrea I think of the word "Imperial" and how they're main colors were usually purple. Putting that aside, Empyrea, Yago, DragonSpyre, Valencia, and Aquila, is there any resemblance? Because I thinks there is. And Empyrea isn't all sky because then the Basilisks (crowned serpent) wouldn't have anywhere to live.


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