Pirate Celebrates One Year and Halloween

Pirate101 Halloween Ship

After much anticipation, Pirate101 has announced their first Birthday along with Halloween in the pirate Spiral. KingsIsle has used many a strange event title, but this one - Birth-O-Ween - takes the cake (pun intended). Here's a look at what's new and what's to come.

Pumpkins, Eyepatches, and Ships - Oh My!

Pirate101 Halloween ShipWith an update as of this morning, there are new items available for purchase in the Crown Shop - there's a birthday eyepatch and a Halloween eyepatch, each for only 100 crowns, and a Haunted Halloween Galleon available in five or six tiers that costs 5,000 crowns - not bad for the bats, green fog, and moving eyes.

To the left is a photo of me sailing my new Halloween vessel. While I imagine these'll be back next year, grab 'em while you can! Any piece of gear that normally has an origin attached to it, this ship will already have attached (such as the pumpkin in front that flips his lid and spews fire). Any gear that is universal anyway is not included.

There're also pumpkins to interact with around Skull Island, so don't miss out on seeing the animation for those.

Pirate101 Reaches Five Million Players!

Pirate101 5 Million Players StatueKingsIsle has announced the Pirate101 has officially reached five million registered users - and that calls for something special! A new statue has appeared in Avery's Court. However, an evil spirit seems to be about it. Vadima elaborates:

[The statue] is of Captain Robin and first mate, Young John. Famous pirates - long ago they found vast treasure. Gave as gift to orphanage in Darkmoor. Orphans carve statue in thanks. But treasure brings only trouble. Phantom of pirate who first buried treasure came to take it back. Phantom's gold was spent. Angry, Phantom put curse on village. Village withered, only statue remained. Now statue is here, and curse comes with it!

It'll surely be up to us to put an end to this Phantom - but don't worry, you'll be rewarded for your efforts with a miniature version of this statue for your house.

Hints to the Future

Pirate101 Battle StandardsIn the latest Update Notes HERE, Pirate101 details a coming system of battle standards, which will give a bonus to everyone within their range. The first one will be available on a new pre-paid card coming soon.

Battle Standards are equipped in the token slot and work like a power that will be ordered with the others. They give a bonus to everyone in range, but an additional bonus if planted in enemy territory. Be warned, though - these standards can be destroyed and will cause your team to incur a penalty.

Happy Birthday, Pirate101!

Pirate101 is one year old today, and they put together a fun timeline of events that puts the year into perspective - take a look: http://tinyurl.com/m6bpk4c

It has been a great year - here's hoping for many more years of adventure for both Pirate101 and its players. Thanks to the staff and community for all of their hard work!

Pirate101 Halloween Ship

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