Multiple New Exclusive Pirate101 Ships?

Pirate101 Exclusive AMD Ship

A plethora of new ships has begun to show up, and it turns out that VisionTek isn't the only company Pirate101 partnered up with. There are a number of other ships, too. I've only come across four or five so far, but as I discover more, I'll share them.

Pirate101 Exclusive AMD ShipAMD's Offer

There are two ships that have shown up for AMD Offers. One is pictured above with the AMD symbol and the other is pictured to the left.
I'm guessing there are more - these, like the Halloween ship, are all retextured versions of the Visiontek Ship.

That in mind, the number of models may correspond with the number of ships. And there are seven models on the page. I'm guessing that these'll start showing up pretty rapidly and that there'll be a lot of them. Learn more about this offer HERE.

Club 3D's Offer

Pirate101 Exclusive Club 3D ShipClub 3D is selling graphics cards and has apparently partnered with Pirate101 as well to offer the Club 3D Galleon, pictured to the left.

Their Galleon has black sails with red stripes near the bottom. One thing to make note of is that this and the above ship have the bird figureheads we're familiar with on the VisionTek ship. The first one does not.

All of the ships seem to have the same body color and cannot be dyed.

Of the ships so far, I like the sails quite a bit on this one. Read more about this offer HERE.

Mysterious Ships Appear Elsewhere

Pirate101 Exclusive Unknown ShipThe Spiral Wonders on Twitter, spotted this ship in the skyway. Much unlike the others, it has a different colored body (something not seem on any other ship), plus the blue sails.

All of the previous cards seem to have been AMD graphics cards of some sort, with red and black color scehemes. That makes me wonder if this is a different type altogether.

Also notice that this one has the Seahorse figurehead and the fog coming from the ship like the Halloween Galleon, but it's blue.

Concerns Regarding Ship Promotions

The final ship is the one we all know best - the VisionTek ship, pictured to the right.
All of these ships seem to suggest that Pirate101 had partnered up. And it has. AMD recently announced their new Gaming Evolved program, with the following partners:
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow; published by Konami, developed by MercurySteam
  • Final Fantasy XIV; published by Square Enix, developed by Square Enix
  • Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded; published by Replay Games, developed by N-Fusion Interactive
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect; published by Square Enix, developed by Airtight Games
  • Pirate101; published and developed by KingsIsle Entertainment
  • Shadow of the Eternals; published and developed by Precursor Games
  • Thief; published by Square Enix, developed by Eidos Montreal
This leads me to believe that we'll be seeing a number of promotions from AMD. While exciting in the sense that we'll be seeing all kinds of new ships, I have a few concerns.

First, all of these ships have suppressed my desire for any one of them individually. Perhaps, as a collector, I'd have liked to have had one if it were available, but all of them is just unreasonable. Are they hurting their marketing from that perspective?

Pirate101 Halloween Galleon

Second, I'm not sure I like all of the ships being available only from the purchase of expensive cards. Or the fact that they're all just the same ship, retextured. Which brings me to my last concern - are all of these promotional ships - Halloween, company partnerships, etc. - going to be the same one?

Whatever the case, I'm sure KingsIsle knows what they're doing. If I locate more ships, I'll post them here. Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Cret92 for his discovery of the first AMD ship and to The Spiral Wonders for their discovery and photo of the blue ship. Both were posted with their permission.

Edits: These ships and more have been announced! Learn more HERE.


  1. I would have to agree, it does concern me with multiple ships being released. I really would have liked to see this 1 ship model as a Bundle card rather than this. It kinda makes it seem... redundant, unoriginal or overused in a way. However, I'm still interested in getting at least 1 one them. Getting at least one will make it still rare because not everyone will have it.

    On the positivie side, it's good to see KI getting involved with other companies and getting their name and game out to more people. Also, people are not limited to only one company for any one AMD ship, so you don't need to stress yourself out getting THAT one Ship or all of them. Also if one company runs out of Key Codes, there are others to try and get from. They all look alike, have similar stats, so which you ever one like more is the one you should get. So you have more variety and options, right?

    I'm gonna stick to trying to get the VisionTek Ship and Haunted Galleon because I like those ones the most. Of course if they run out (or I miss out), I'd probably go for the Mysterious Blue one because it's really cool looking. You know the blue one could be part of the new Pre-paid card coming with the Battle Standard. I don't think they'd just throw the token as the only reward from it.

    Now if only Wizard101 could get this kinda publicity. Maybe a rare mount?

    ~Cunning Finningan Sharp

  2. I think these ships are making up for the lack of packs and bundles from Pirate101...

  3. Hmm, maybe the one spitting out blue fog is from a new card or for all we know Celestia if they add it as a side world.

  4. thats wierd i,ve never seen any of them
    ruthless fiona level 6


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