October Contests: Gearing Up!

We're well into October - and well into contests, too! If you haven't noticed, I've already run four raffles (two of which have not yet been drawn), and am introducing more today - so even if you're aware of these, you might want to take a look at this post.

Take a look at the contests page, and watch for updates throughout the month for new contests: http://www.swordroll.com/p/contests.html

This month's theme is "Gearing Up" - because everyone needs the perfect Halloween costume! Throughout the month, I'll be giving away codes and gifting items and packs related to gear in both games. I'm trying something a little bit different this year, though - I'm doing a lot of social media contests. But don't worry, I'm also hosting several on my blog, beginning... now!

Theory Contest (Wizard101 and Pirate101)

Recently, I completed my 400th post - Top Ten Unsolved Spiral Mysteries. To enter this contest, go there and post a comment with your theory on at least two of the mysteries. You must also provide me with a way to contact you before the contest ends - the way I recommend is to post your comment, and after it's approved, reply to that comment with your email address (you address comment will NOT be approved publicly, but I can then share your theory). Otherwise, you may share a Facebook or Twitter name (game only, no real-life, please) and link to that profile where I can send you a message. Five winners will receive a pack of choice in either Wizard101 or Pirate101.

Puzzle Contest (Wizard101 UK)

If you're a UK wizard interested in winning a Nightmare Pack, keep your eyes open Friday - at 11:59 BST, the Puzzle will be posted and one piece will be given to you. You'll have to find the others (the post will specify how many) throughout the blog. Use pre-loaded programs like Paint or PowerPoint to place the pieces together and send your completed puzzle in any readable document form (whether it be PowerPoint, PDF, an image, or otherwise) to swordroll (at) gmail (dot) com. The first person with the entire puzzle correct will be declared the winner.

Stay tuned on the Contests page for more!

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