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Wizard101 Nightmare Pack New Gear 2013

The Nightmare Pack is back and better than ever - you've probably seen a good deal of it by now, but how about the individual gear pieces? And have you watched the packs being opened - that is probably the best perspective you can get. I have put together a number of resources that I think you'll be interested in for learning more about this pack.

The Official Announcement

Wizard101 officially announced the Nightmare Pack Update Here:

Nightmare Pack Past Content

Check out the past content (still available) in the pack here:

The New Gear, Revealed

The three new sets were first compiled this morning:

Opening Packs

Alexander Lionheart has a great video of opening the packs themselves here.

Additional Information and Thoughts

The Nightmare Pack has long been one of the favorites - and with it only showing up once or twice a year, it's a rare opportunity at a few mounts and gear pieces that are famous for their looks. However, it seems that each year, KingsIsle is updating the pack. While this update is geared toward getting players who already own the items in the pack to purchase new ones anyway, is it enough? Is the one gear set sufficient on the part of KingsIsle, both in the eyes of the players and from a marketing standpoint?

My feeling is that this will entice me to come back by and buy one or two more packs, but I'm not spending like I normally might with a new pack. In that sense, it's a weak selling point for me. That in mind, I do own the Nightmare Mount from the first year, so I may be a special case. The Nightmare Pack will continue to be a favorite of mine.

Wizard101 Nightmare Pack New Gear 2013

What do you think of the Nightmare Pack? Will you be purchasing more? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I think it's an awesome pack. It currently holds the most gear sets available compared to any other set, and for a cheapest price. I think it's a good bang for your buck. You have a higher chance of getting something compared to other backs that always offer just 3 sets and 1 pet. This one has 7 sets and like 3 rare pets (Gob-o-Lantern, Penumbra Dragon, Vampire). I think it's a good buy (wish the gear gave some health though).

  2. Not on the uk version not in the shop yet

  3. Hello Wizards

    Dworgyn is not bugged on the UK server, this Halloween quest has not been implemented here yet so no bug to report. That does not mean that we won't get this quest one day in the future, it just means we have do not have it at this time.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the Halloween quests and goodies on offer.

    Quoted from here

    Also dont look like we getting the nightmare pack on uk what a con us gets it all and we dont in uk


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