Wizard101 Level 92 Shadow Magic Spells and Level 90 (King Artorius) Spells: An Analysis

Wizard101 Khrysalis Shadow Magic Spells Level 92 *New 2013
Wizard101 Khrysalis' Shadow Magic Spells for levels 92+

With the opening of Wizard101's Khrysalis, the Morganthe story is... not coming to a close. Apparently, this ending is so epic that it had to be split into two parts. Part one is now available and you may progress to level 95. But what exactly is it that's going to rock Wizard101? How about some Shadow Magic spells!

Notes: You can click on any image to enlarge it. There will be no Concept101 post this week due to update coverage. The background will be temporarily updated shortly for Khrysalis.

Wizard101's Level 92 Shadow Magic Spells

There are three new Shadow Magic spells. You get one for free based on your school and you can purchase the two others for training points if you so desire. At level 92, you should be near the trainer who will teach them to you. These forms of magic don't require regular pips - they take Shadow Pips, which you have a chance of gaining if you have trained a Shadow Magic spell.

Wizard101 Khrysalis Shadow Magic Spell - Shadow Sentinel *New world 2013
Level 92+ Shadow
Magic Spell - Shadow
The first of these new Shadow Magic spells is Shadow Sentinel. These spells work much like an aura... with negative consequences. This one in particular intercepts one attack from an opponent - you take the damage instead. In the process, you gain 80 universal block and reduce your incoming damage by ten percent. Unlike normal spells, this and other Shadow Magic spells require those Shadow Pips, displayed to the right of the normal pip area. These seem to act like an aura... that never goes away. However, you can stack these with auras.

Wizard101 Khrysalis Shadow Magic Spell - Shadow Seraph *New world 2013
Level 92+ Shadow
Magic Spell - Shadow
The second of these new spells is Shadow Seraph. This one is curious. It adds 25% damage and 25% outgoing healing, but also places an absorb on all friends anytime a heal is cast. Spritely, Rebirth, you name it - everyone gets and additional absorb. This ought to be a good one for Life wizards or healers otherwise. A well-balanced Ice ought to be able to make good use out of this one.

Wizard101 Khrysalis Shadow Magic Spell - Shadow Shrike *New world 2013
Level 92+ Shadow
Magic Spell - Shadow
The third of these new Shadow Magic spells is Shadow Shrike. This one is for the offensive. It offers 50% armor piecing (Goodbye, PvP!) and a 10% damage bonus, but takes away 25% of healing. While a trade-off, the power of this one is so immense that I'm not sure what to think. My instincts tell me to scream "Overpowered," but I'll be waiting to see how it works out.

The best part of these is that no Jade turtle is going to last long. All of these effects should be interesting, especially for PvP. They may have just balanced the game more than we're aware. However, these aren't completely overpowered. They do first require a Shadow Pip.

Now, these spells can be difficult to get a hold on. But it's important you understand before everything goes live and you're ten steps behind already. The video below shows Alexander Lionheart showing off his new spells - see how they work? They're like polymorphs, in a way. Except you keep your deck and just gain the additional stats provided by the shadowy form.

The video link here is pretty interesting. It seems that you must oblige the shadowy form you choose. Of course, the evil within fights back. But if you choose the offensive Shadow Weaver and hit frequently with blades and traps, the backlash is lessened. Just be careful not to anger it!

Wizard101 Khrysalis Shadow Magic All Spells *New world 2013
All Level 92+ Shadow Magic Spells

Check out Dead Sparrow's video (from Duelist101) of these spells. Thanks again to Alexander Lionheart for providing these spell images. Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idnwk8G3xtQ

Wizard101's Level 90 King Artorius Spells

Shadow Magic isn't all that's new in Wizard101. Without level 98 for new school spells there, KingsIsle had to surprise us with something. And so they did - a member of the Council of Light to assist us against our foes. Each animation is different based on the school and each effect and damage amount varies as well.

Wizard101 Khrysalis Level 90 Spells (King Artorius) *New 2013
Wizard101 Khrysalis' Level 90 Spells (King Artorius) for levels 90+

These new level 90 spells look promising! Each one has the same photo, but the Animation is different. King Artorius comes on a boat across a body of what seems to be water but takes on a different form based the school casting.

Artorius summons a huge serpent from below that matches the color of the school that cast it. It then jumps and attacks a single opponent, leaving school symbols flying about.

Wizard101 Level 90 Pre-Khrysalis Storm Spell - King Artorius
Level 90+ Storm King
Artorius Spell
The first spell I'll be taking a look at is the Storm King Artorius spell. This one does an impressive 1120 Storm damage for eight pips - already an efficient cost. However, add in the 10% Storm piercing and 10% Storm accuracy afterwards and this is a downright painful spell... for the target, of course. I actually think this one is perfectly balanced - nothing to say here.

Wizard101 Level 90 Pre-Khrysalis Ice Spell - King Artorius
Level 90+ Ice King
Artorius Spell
Then there's the Ice level 90 Spell. It does only 725 damage, and, of course, adds the 10% armor piercing for the next hit. And then, it awards the caster an additional pip. So this spell really only costs seven of them for Ice. Not too bad if you ask me. The low damage is tough to balance out with only one more pip, as the 395 damage difference between Storm and Ice spells hardly seems accounted for, though other spells will show similar issues. If I were to make a recommendation here, it'd be to bump the damage to 745 with no further adjustments simply because of the fact that Ice is already so very powerful.

Wizard101 Level 90 Pre-Khrysalis Fire Spell - King Artorius
Level 90+ Fire King
Artorius Spell
The Fire level 90 spell does a damage amount somewhere in between. It also adds the 10% armor piercing but then stuns the target. So we have accuracy plus high damage. Low damage plus a pip. And now mid damage plus a stun - this one certainly seems reasonable to far at its 840 damage and effects. I'd like to see them put the damage at 875 to balance this guy out.

Wizard101 Level 90 Pre-Khrysalis Death Spell - King Artorius
Level 90+ Death King
Artorius Spell
Death's level 90 spell is a bit disappointing. It does the low 725 damage and the standard 10% armor piercing and then adds a -30% healing ward. I'm not sure if they've realized, but a 50% Infection costs zero pips. Bone Dragon does 1000 damage or more by itself. Is the over 250 damage loss worth the 10% piercing blade, which also traditionally costs zero pips? My suggestion is to bump the damage to 845 and make the ward a -50%.

Level 90+ Life King
Artorius Spell
The level 90 Life spell does even less damage - 705 to be exact. It also adds the 10% armor piercing. But what it does that makes it different is a 300 heal-over-time effect. With 1005 damage offset, therefore, I'd say that Life didn't do too bad with this one. I'd suggest that they slide up the damage to the 725 and make the heal a 325 over three rounds.

Wizard101 Level 90 Pre-Khrysalis Myth Spell - King Artorius
Level 90+ Myth King
Artorius Spell
Myth probably made out better than anyone with their spell. They got a damage-over-time spell, better known as a DoT. Its 50 initial damage plus 1020 over three rounds, plus the 10% armor piecing, AND the removal of a shield make it a truly deadly card. Watch out for Myth with eight pips from now on! If I were to make a recommendation, it'd be to turn that damage down to 50 + 945 over three rounds.

Wizard101 Level 90 Pre-Khrysalis Balance Spell - King Artorius
Level 90+ Balance King
Artorius Spell
Balance didn't do too bad with theirs - the Balance level 90 spell only does 725 damage plus the 10% armor piercing, but also adds a -40% charm to the enemy. If I were to make a suggestion here it'd be to bump him up to 745 damage, make the 10% Balance armor piercing a 10% universal pierce, and make it a -45% charm.

More From Khrysalis to Come!

KingsIsle's Part 1 release of the Morganthe finale looks epic, and that's coming from someone who has only taken a peek.

Oh, the Test Realm! I'm thinking I'll keep it a surprise. But I did want to investigate the magic elements of this update. What do you think of these new spells? Will you be using them? Are they going to have any effect on PvP?

Wizard101 Pre-Khrysalis Level 90 King Artorius Spells *New world 2013
All Level 90+ King Artorius Spells

More thoughts on Khrysalis to come. As always, thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Angel Ice, Alexander Lionheart, Cameron Spookygem, Chase Deathy, Katherine Light, Cret92, and Kelsey Fireheart for participating either through the video or by sharing spell images. All of their content has been used only with their permission here.


  1. You can actually get to 95... not 92 as you said in the intro.

  2. Swordroll, the death King Artorius does not put a Ward on but a -30% Charm. I used the spell and checked. I don't think it needs to go all the way up to -50% but maybe 35-45% is fair in my opinion. Death also has many power ups and death damage boosts from gear. Considering that, 845 to me is just really huge for Death (and I'm a Death wizard whose going to use this spell). 750 or 775 is probably the best increase, but I think only the Infection needs work. With some blades and death traps, AND the Shadow Shrike Spell, plus Auras, Sun spells too, this spell can hit really hard as is.

    As for Balance, they've been pretty upset that they don't get anything that's specifically for their school. I don't think it would be wise to remove the actual first Balance only Charm. Otherwise the damage and ward can go up.

    Life i think it can go up to 730 Life Damage and 345 heal over time (cause that would be divisable by 3 than the 325 you suggested.

    I think the Myth King Artorius can be left alone or at least...well actually your suggestion is fine, but I think this one may end up being left alone (who knows?)

    Otherwise, I can agree with every other suggestion you made : )

    1. Ah, you would be correct! I describe it as an infection, so I'm not sure what I was thinking.

      Good suggestions!

    2. I think bumping the infect to 50% or higher is completely justified.

      With MC heals and massive healing boosts on our wizards these days, we're already swatting away regular infections like harmless flies. And if a pet's going to take off the infect for you anyway, there's no harm in bumping it imo.

  3. I am dis..dis...disappointed with fire it ought to do 900 at least it is the second most powerful school(damage wise) and should do 900 like effect! And myth is way too OP

    1. I know right fire has to be at least 900 and myth is little too op sense its almost as strong as storm and is the third strongest school?!

  4. I find no issue with the fire schools spell as its only a few hit points below efreet fire schools other 8 pip spell besides thats what power ups and stuff is for

  5. You said "There are three new Shadow Magic spells. You get one for free based on your school and you can purchase the two others for training points if you so desire. At level 92, you should be near the trainer who will teach them to you. " Where do I go for this? I am almost 95; I don't have this, or "shadow spells", or "backlash"....?

    1. My statement there is actually incorrect, as I learned later on. You won't reach the trainer until near the end of Khrysalis in the Eclipse Tower. You'll have already hit 95 at this point if you were at the cap before the update.

  6. they probably will work quite well julia stormshield level 12

  7. there are two new khysallis items in the crown shop and level 95 crown shop gear julia stormshield level 12

  8. Now you can get up to level 100! Can't wait to get king artorious spell, wish me luck lol so far in Alto Alto

    -Christina angleflower


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