Concept101: Not a Bear

Pirate101 Marleybone Concept Art

Concept art has long been one of my greatest fascinations with KingsIsle games. Of course, what they do compared to what they release can only leave us guessing as to what we haven't seen. The art that I love so much is often breathtaking or inspirational in some sense... very rarely is it humorous.

Comedy in Art

(Don't forget that you can click on any image to view it larger!) The below piece shows a number of female dog drawings. Perhaps it's just me, but does anyone else find their educational additions interesting?

Pirate101 Marleybone Concept Art Corgi

Of course, the note was probably a serious one. I couldn't help but laugh. These are all pieces newly posted by one of my favorite artists, Billy George, HERE. His art is always very colorful, which, strangely, is not embraced by everyone in the concept art industry. Subtle color is apparently an artist value. However, our eyes are naturally drawn to shiny, saturated images such as these.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Pirate101 Marleybone Concept Art Orphan DogPirate101 Marleybone Concept Art Orphan KittenMarleybone is full of 'em. And each one started as art. One of the most notable places in Marleybone is the Isle of Dogs, which is home to Old Boz Orphanage, part of the Scrooge storyline for Ratbeard's least promotion. Take a look at the orphan kitten to the left. Who could have guessed that something so adorable in-game could be even more adorable in art form?

A Familiar Promotion

Speaking of Scrooge, there's some other art involving that quest line - this set of houses. While similar, the right has fewer windows and uses stone. So which one was used in game? You tell me!

Pirate101 Marleybone Concept Art Scrooge's House

Requiring a Yellow Windstone

One of my curiosities with the release of Marleybone and Aquila was this - the windstone required was yellow. The windstone panel has enough spaces, I believe, for the ROY G BIV colors plus one (likely a clear, crystal, gold, silver, white, or black windstone for El Dorado). The windstone color required for both Aquila and Marleybone used to be orange.

Pirate101 Marleybone Concept Art Fort Basset

And the Scrooge storyline isn't the only one George did art for - he also completed a few pieces for one that I'm sure none of us have forgotten. How were we to obtain this yellow windstone? What was perhaps a great irritation at first turned out to be a lot of fun - one of three longer instances before every visiting Marleybone. 

Pirate101 Marleybone Concept Art Handsome Dan

This was Fort Basset. Before ever getting your hands on a yellow windstone (and still having yet another long dungeon to go before heading to Marleybone), you've got to defeat Commander Davis in a three-wave battle in the room shown above. Davis uses Handsome Dan's second tier. I believe the third is seen later in Marleybone, and also on the companion himself at level thirty-six.

Dogs of Marleybone

The final new piece is this one of three different dogs - not only of their own look and style, but class as well. You see a laborer, shopkeeper, and vicar, all of which, I believe, appear in the Isle of Dogs.

Pirate101 Marleybone Concept Art Dogs

Now tell me these aren't beautiful - do you love these art pieces as much as I do? Whatever the case, as always, thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


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    1. Thank you! :) I do often wonder... it's good to have some reassurance.

  2. So beautiful, Marleybone is by far my favorite world in Pirate101 due to the era Kingsisle and the Pirate101 team made it, but not in Wizard101, I don't really like the city feel, it doesn't seem that awesome.


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