Frankenbunny and Vampire Pets Plus New Quests Indicate a Big Halloween This Year

Wizard101 Halloween 2013 - Frankenbunny, Nosfer Rabit, Dworgyn

Halloween is just around the corner in the Spiral, but this year, it seems that it can't be kept under wraps at all (no pun intended). With about four items suggestive of a specifically large event this year, it has wizards continuing to guess what it'll be.

Evil Bunnies?

When picking a race for a villain, bunnies would have been one of my last choices. However, KingsIsle always finds a way to make things work, so I'll be waiting to see how.

They've actually published their Halloween page for this year, though it hasn't been officially announced. It'll likely be mentioned the first of the month, in a few days.

Fortunately for us, Sheldon from Adventures of the Spiral discovered that the link was up and working. And it was awfully revealing. It contained the Frankenbunny, which was leaked as an item on Wizard101 Central not long ago (it must be a pet reward from the creature, right?).

Wizard101 Halloween 2013 - Dragonbone Gear Nightmare PackIt also had another character, which I'm not sure about. The picture was labelled "nosferrabbit.png" and so I did a Google search with few results. Though Nosfer Rabbit did bring up the evil bunnies above. (Ian Stormstaff when he doesn't have time to blog?)

Other Leaks

Dworgyn couldn't keep the secret, either. Stars of the Spiral posted a few photos of the leaked quest that we'll be seeing HERE. Apparently it involved vegetables - carrots for our rabbit friends.

Beyond that, KingsIsle also updated the Nightmare Pack early and, until recently, forgot to remove it from the FreeKI games rewards table.

Duncan Stormthief found a few interesting new pieces of gear that people had acquired from winning the back - Dragonbone gear. To the left are the stats for one piece of gear.

Then there was this piece as well. An interesting robe - with dragon wings! Obviously, then, the Nightmare Pack page has not yet been updated, though I'm sure it will soon feature these new items. My question now is - will there be a new mount? New pets? Or what?

Wizard101 Halloween 2013 - Dragonbone Gear Nightmare Pack

Another Curiosity

A lot of us were really surprised when Legends, from Legends of the Spiral, tweeting this picture of a vampire bat pet. Does it come from the pack? What are the stats? Does it give a card? It surely must be something he'll be giving away next month.

Wizard101 Halloween 2013 - Vampire Pet Nightmare Pack

What do you think - what else can we expect from Halloween this year? Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Oh, and here's the link: This link was discovered as working by Sheldon. This was posted with his permission. The Dragonbone gear was posted with the permission of Duncan Stormthief. Thanks to Legends for the picture of the vampire bat pet.


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on that Franken Bunny Pet, this new Quest looks very exciting too! :D Thanks for sharing

  2. Reminded me right away of this popular childrens' book series from a few years ago; Bunnicula by James and Deborah Howe. Can't wait to see what's in store! :)

    1. Now I'm wondering how Pirate will top it. ;)

    2. If Pirates even celebrate Halloween ._. they don't really celebrate Christmas I didn't see no décor last dec.

    3. They has seasonal wands and items last year for Christmas.

  3. This is what you get when you go to IKEA to get bookshelves, you miss a ton of stuff.

  4. I hatched with someone and got the Vampire pet - it does have a modified VAmpire card that is 375 1/2 to healing, and gives a -50% next incoming heal charm on the enemy as well. not sure of the talents - it was a hatch of a hatch...

  5. Nesfer Rabbit is a pun on the name Nesferatu which comes from the 1920's movie "Nesferatu: A Symphony of Horror." The movie it sell has a heavy basis on the Dracula books. Because it didn't have the license to use Dracula or the copyrighted work, the family of the auther sued the director and all film copies were destroyed. One copy survived so that's how we know about it.

    Nesferatu is the movie's meaning of "vampire." So yeah, that's why the new boss is named Nesfer Rabbit. It's a pun. He's a vampire-bunny. How funny :P

  6. Look up Nesferatu and you'll see a similarity in design of the two.

  7. They've got a Halloween page? Can you send a link so that we can see it?

  8. This Is From Last Year I'm Just Like This Year There is No Vampire pets. I Don't Know Why This Even came Up When I Searched it Because I Searched up 'New Halloween Fish wizard 101'?

    1. Probably because we've also got the Halloween fish information for you here:


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