Five Clever Community Ideas

There's no doubt that the KingsIsle community is full of great ideas. Some, like a Mercenary-type system that ran across a variety of platforms seeking to assist wizards of the Spiral, have existed for a long time. However, I'll be taking a look at five more recent ideas that are truly original.

Each of these ideas comes from a different person or group, and each is special in its own way. In no particular order, here are five recent community ideas that I found to be rather interesting.

Project What's Your Name?

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This is one of the most clever things I've seen yet... and reassuring, too. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who can't put Pirate names to the people of the community that I know.

Autumn Dreamwalker's Project What's Your Name is located HERE. It uses Pirate names, Wizard names, classes, and Twitter names (optional) to place players in a large list that makes identifying someone easy. I'll likely be referring to this when someone sends me a message and I have to ask myself - who is this?

The project only uses submitted data, and any information is completely voluntary. If you don't submit, you won't see you name. Of course, doing so is completely safe, as wizard and pirate names float about the community as clouds in the sky. This project will be extremely helpful and is quick to access in the case that you can't quite remember who's who.

WU's Crown Shop Index

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Wait a moment... how much did that mount cost? Which hairstyle is which? And how can I find it all as quick as possible? *Angelic spotlight shines on Wizards Unite*

Ian Stormstaff's Crown Shop Index is not only well-formatted, but also very useful. Oftentimes I'm having to log into the game simply for a photo, and oftentimes it's something in the Crown Shop. Other days, I'm wondering what is and isn't available for the US in the housing section based on items I'd seen elsewhere.

Now there's an easy way out. The Crown Shop Index, located HERE. It's as if you're getting all of this information from the game without ever actually logging in - and that saves huge chunks of time. I have already made use of this and encourage you to become familiar with it as well.

Pirates of the Spiral's Daily Calendar

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Do a daily raffle... sure. But create and advent-calendar type raffle with prizes being revealed each day? That's innovative!

Johnny's Birthday Countdown Giveaway (HERE) is happening during the first fifteen days of September leading up to his birthday. Each day, a new prize is revealed. It might be a pet, five packs, or even a mount. In the last three days, the prizes are said to be even better.

Ultimately, this is just a great giveaway style no matter what the prizes are. This is definitely a contest to check out, and you especially won't want to miss out as we near its end in the coming week! Nice work, Johnny.

SCS's Films and Movies

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There are plenty of music videos in the Spiral, but you don't often see full-length films that are fully-voiced and full of professional effects and a good look.

Spiral Creations Studios is a group that works to create movies, films, and videos of all sorts, including both humorous and serious works. Their website features a number of these works or links to them, and is located HERE.

They currently only do Wizard101 videos, but I would not be surprised if we saw Pirate101 movies in the future. This is a fun idea that could potentially involve quite a variety of community members and make for some definite entertainment.

SGP's Treasure Hunt Puzzles

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Stormgate Pirates is well-known for its creative features, but one of its recent additions was a Games page with permanent puzzles from the past. These difficult riddles lead pirates all over the Spiral in search of one-word answers to move to the next page.

I remember taking part in these when they were a contest. I didn't win anything, but I completed them all, and it was definitely a lot of fun.

If you know the Spiral (or think you do), these will be a great test. Legends is always coming up with something clever. I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

That's it for today - what do you think of these? Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Oh come on the Avalon Song didn't make the list!

    1. I definitely agree that that had to be one of the most unique music videos I'd seen. I enjoyed it!

      This isn't necessarily a list of a "top 5" or the best around, and it may not be the only post of its kind that I do. This was simply a list of five very recent ideas that I was interested in.

      If I get a positive response to this type of thing, I'll definitely be back for more, and now I'll have a few ideas. ;)

  2. This is very informative & creative!


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