New Background Packs and More!

As you all know, since the release of the major design change in Swordroll's Blog, I've been doing a number of small updates to bring more life to the pages here. First, I did the Entertainment page with all new fortunes and a brand-new look. I followed shortly after with the Community page and some of the sub-pages. Now it's the Tools Page's turn.

Here's a list of everything that has been updated!


  • The page has been completely redesigned to match the others
  • Background and Icon packs are available for download
  • Old backgrounds have been reformatted and now open in new tabs
  • Old Icons have been reformatted and now open in new tabs
  • Helpful tools and webpages have been cleaned up
  • Direct download links to the fansite kits have been added
  • You may no longer leave comments on this page

Quick Fixes

  • The attribution has been adjusted slightly - I am continuing to make changes and play with this
  • Text on the Submissions page has been updated
  • Links in the header will now open in new windows as they should be
  • The Wizard101 UK link has been corrected

Blog Design

  • The background has been updated for Wizard101's 5th Birthday!


  • The contests page now has a title and backdrop like the others 
  • Cronus and his "No Current Contests" sign have left 
  • New contests have been added to the page


The download links for the packs are something entirely new for me, so I'll be interested to see if you all enjoy those and if they work properly for everyone. I've set them up to be released on a 3:1 ratio (Background to Icon), with space for plenty for new ones! I'll have to see what is and isn't used. I don't collect any information on your download, so you could completely pass them over or download them ten times over and I won't know the difference. For that reason, I appreciate feedback!

I may sneak back here and do some Contest Page updates and add those in the next few days.

That's all for now - thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


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