New Contests Are Up!

Are you in need of crowns or just wanting some great items for both Wizard101 and Pirate101? I've got a few interesting contests up now on the Contests page - complete with a new design!

The Contests page is one that I'll be redesigning with each new set of contests, but the backdrop and title will remain there permanently. You can see the page here -, or by clicking on "Contests" in the sub-navigation bar.

Render Search and Find

...or Search and Search depending on your skill level. This was an idea I had after a variety of us were talking on Twitter about renders and I made a collage. I thought to myself, Now what if someone had to find something specific in this beautiful mess?

I quickly set out to render ten items and/or characters from every world from both games. I didn't get anywhere close to finished, but what I have was more than enough. This contest, therefore, was just about as hard for me.

Believe it or not, finding objects actually isn't that difficult. When you go to the contests page, you can view the full image, which is something like 1800x1600 pixels, so there's plenty of room to look around. And nothing is hidden, either, so there's no wooden chest in Hawkules's arm, even though that's be clever. Everything rests as it would on the ground.

This, as with all of these contests, are for both games, even if the majority of renders are currently Wizard101, so don't skip this one, pirates! There are some "grab bag" prizes here for ten people.

Design a Logo Contest

I'm a little bit nervous about this one because I've not done anything like it before. I don't want people to feel like they've got to be graphic artists to give this a try. As I mention in the contest rules, I'm looking for something creative and original. And forsaking all that, a lot of you are better designers than you realize.

There are thirteen total prizes here, with a bunch of mounts and even crowns up for grabs, so don't miss out on this. Based on the number of entries I normally receive, you're practically guaranteed a prize if you enter.


For those without the time to enter contests, I have a simple Rafflecopter with various options, including THREE daily options, so stop by to pick up those entries each day.

As usual, I'll be checking IPs, names, and whatever else to ensure that there are no cheaters. If you win, you're entries will be verified. If you are not following the blog through the widget on the main page, as is required by the Rafflecopter, all other entries will be void.

All contests are up and open, and all close on different dates about halfway through the month, so get your entries in! All entries ARE appreciated, and everyone is welcome to enter at the current point in time.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! **Special note: Because I wanted to bring you this contest announcement ASAP, Concept101 has been moved to tomorrow.**

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