Reactions to Aquila in the UK!

In the past few days, Aquila has gone live in Wizard101 UK! With the weekend under their belt, many UK wizards have had an opportunity to try out the new expansion. As controversial as both the stats and the price were in the US, wizards here seemed very excited when they heard the news. With new prices and new drops being discovered, however, some opinions may have changed.

The UK Debate

Talk on the forum has been going on about whether or not US news should be allowed on the UK boards. However, even if it wasn't, nothing would keep wizard eyes from drifting over to the US site or elsewhere. But even anticipating Aquila, players were excited to find that it was coming to the UK.

Ultimately, Aquila raises four major questions:

  1. Is the pricing fair for what's received?
  2. Should Aquila be larger or at least considered its own world?
  3. Is the gear here under or overpowered?
  4. Will KI/GF litter new worlds with nice drops and have prices this high?

And UK wizards had no problem answering.

Level 30+ wizards can take on Olympus and battle Zeus Skyfather in an attempt to prove themselves worthy in the Immortal Games... but don't worry, he won't use his full power.

The Verdict on Aquila

Before anyone can begin to explore the possibilities of the area, they first have to purchase it. And with no opportunity to test Aquila, it's tough to tell for certain whether or not it's worth the cost. UK Board member Cotxe says simply, "Didn't buy it - too expensive."

Others have not yet purchased the areas but plan on doing so. Ernis says, "I'll first get me a member to go through the dungeons, then level my Myth. Then after it expires I'll buy Tartarus only, so I can have spare crowns to buy myself Atheneum, to farm Loremaster! The drops in Aquila (from what I've seen) are really good, especially the 'upgraded' Waterworks gear! Can't wait to try it out!"

Those who have tried Aquila seem to be enjoying it. Pawelsiurek101 is hoping for an addition in the future: "I think they should expand, it's a wonderful area full of amazing drops, and I'm sure all the players would love it if they did expand!"

Level 70+ wizards can tackle Atlantea, and duke it out with Poseidon in a cant-miss underwater instance with a hidden Sand Squid boss... not to worry, he won't unleash his complete wrath.

My Recommendation

Here are three methods of purchasing Aquila and getting what you need. Wait, what DO you need? For a list of the top ten items I recommend getting, click HERE.

The "Speedfarm" Method - Buy a one-month membership and go through all of Aquila. Grab your friends and request help farming the dungeons. Try to obtain as many items as possible before your subscription ends at the end of the month. Remember that if you're just getting it for Aquila, you may have to actually cancel it before the end of the month (though your current month will continue until it expires). The advantage to this is that you pay a set price and no more, plus you get access to membership benefits. You can farm as often as you like through all of AQ. The downside is that you won't be able to farm after your membership expires.

Tartarus Only - Buy a one-month membership and go through all of Aquila. Farm Olympus and Atlantea for items you need there (it'll mainly be the side bosses) and when you membership expires, use crowns to buy Tartarus. The advantage to this is that you're only putting crowns into the dungeon that takes a long time to farm. You can probably obtain your other items in the month's time. Now you can play Tartarus whenever you like. The downside is that this option costs a bit more.

Level 90+ wizards can attempt Tartarus, a test requiring everything your wizard has to offer. You'll finish the instance with an epic battle with Hades, Poseidon, AND Zeus, all at full power. And they don't play fair at all.

Crowns All the Way! - Purchase all three locations with crowns. You can complete and farm each individually at your own pace. The advantage to this is that you have constant access to assist your friends, run other wizards through, farm for good-looking gear, or battle the side bosses for their items. You can take your time with Tartarus, as there are many treasures to be won there. The downside is that this is the priciest of the options.

What will you choose? And what do you think of Aquila? Let me know by commenting.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. I think it's worth buying Aquila. Like every area. Sure, as you mentioned, buying a 1 month subscription will benefit you more, because you get for instance the faster Energy refill timer, or the 12 hours instead of 24 hours hatch timer and so on. But, just like Waterworks, it's just worth buying these 3 dungeons for future use rather than just buying membership. Sure, you might have lvl 90's wizards, but if you want to create a new wizard, in 2-3-4 months, etc, you'll need to farm Aquila for better gear and you might not have the membership at that time.


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