Pirate101 VisionTek Ship Video Tour

Pirate101, along with VisionTek, has recently launched a unique new promotion that offers a brand-new ship with the purchase of a graphics card in specially-marked packages from authorized retailers. So where can you get one? What are the stats? What's it going to cost?

VisionTek's Offer

On Septemember 12th, VisionTek announced that they would be released codes while supplies last for an exclusive VisionTek pirate ship pictured above. To view its stats, check out Red Beard's post on SGP HERE. This is what VisionTek posted:

In honor of Video Games Day, we announced today that we're the first AMD graphics card designer to announce an exclusive Pirate101 Game Add-On promotion. Here's the official news release: 

VisionTek First AMD Graphics Card Designer
To Offer Exclusive Pirate101 Game Add-On Promotion 
Award-winning, family-friendly adventure game includes specially themed VisionTek pirate ship and 5000 crowns for in-game upgrades

September 12, 2013, East Dundee, IL – VisionTek Products LLC, (VisionTek®) http://www.visiontek.com/, a leading manufacturer of award-winning, high-performance upgrades and accessories for PC and Apple Macintosh® computers, announced today that it is the first Advance Micro Devices (AMD®) graphics card designer in North America to offer an exclusive Pirate101 Game Add-on Offer. Specially marked VisionTek Radeon™ graphics card boxes with key code sheet inserts are expected to begin shipping from VisionTek by the end of September and will be the first products on the market to offer this game add-on offer. 

To qualify for the Pirate101 Game Add-on Offer, a VisionTek Radeon™ HD 7750, HD 6670, HD 6570, HD 6450 graphics card must be purchased from VisionTek or authorized VisionTek resellers by December 31, 2013 or when the supply of key codes is exhausted. There is a limit of one free key code, per person, per eligible product purchased. 

By redeeming the VisionTek provided key code, gamers receive access to downloading a uniquely themed VisionTek pirate ship with superior performance and abilities compared to other game pirate ships; as well as receive 5000 crowns (a $10 cash value) for premium zone access and merchandise purchases. 
Pirate101 is a free downloadable Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) pirate adventure game with flying pirate ships, board game combat, and far off worlds that's safe for kids and fun for players of all ages. The game enables players to take the helm of their very own ship and sail into a vast, pirate-inspired universe from breathtaking cloud-top skyways to ancient ruins filled with lost treasure.

MMORPG.com awarded Pirate101 the 2012 Player’s Choice Game of the Year honors and said it “proved a family friendly MMO can have a legion of loyal fans behind a deceptively deep and engaging strategy MMORPG.” RTSGuru.com gave Pirate101 a Best of E3 Hybrid Strategy Award because it offers “turn-based grid-movement RTS goodness at its finest and the crew you build is like Final Fantasy Tactics on the high seas.” 

For more information on the Pirate101 Game Add-on Offer, visit: www.amd.com/pirate101offer. For more information on the Pirate101 and/or to play the free game, visit: www.pirate101.com

“We’re very pleased to be the first AMD partner to offer this great game add-on promotion,” said Mark Bilson, Executive Vice President of VisionTek. “By adding an exclusive high performance pirate ship and in-game spending money to this award-winning game, we anticipate that will incentivize gamers and other power users building a new system or upgrading an existing system to make a VisionTek Radeon their graphic card of choice.”

Details, Details

While the promotion is certainly aimed at those already planning to buy a graphics card, if you're hunting around, you'll definitely want to be sure you are getting the ship. To be certain, it's best to purchase in person where you can actually see the packaging where the insert will be noted. Their retail partners that will potentially have these items are list HERE. If you do choose to purchase online, I would further inquire about the game item. The list of approved/certified online retailers is HERE.

Okay, So What Does the Ship Look Like?

Here's a 1-minute video tour of the ship. Thanks to Red Beard from Stormgate Pirates for letting me get a look!

What do you think of the new ship? 

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Okay, now I kinda what to get that new ship : ). I could possibly use an upgrade anyway XD

  2. So, are you stuck with the blank red sails for all eternity?

  3. what are the stats


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