September Contest Winners

My contests usually don't do so great, but I am really impressed with how many people entered the Render Search and Find - fifteen. Not a lot, but that's a step up, and not bad for self-supplied prizes on a tucked-away unofficial fansite. I'll have to try that kind of contest more often. Here are your winners!

Render Search and Find Winners

When submitting an entry, I asked participants to specify which game they'd like a prize for, so that Pirate prizes didn't end up in wizard-only hands, and the other way around. The five people from each category who had the most correct answers are declared winners. If there is a tie, the person who submitted their entry first is the winner.

Wizard101 Winners - Random Prize
Scarlet Summer - 9/9 Correct
Samuel Nightcrafter - 9/9 Correct
Sophia Titanheart - 9/9 Correct
Scarlet Wildblade - 9/9 Correct
Katherine Nightsong - 8/9 Correct

Pirate101 Winners - Random Prize
Bad Terri Jones - 9/9 Correct
Evan Silver - 9/9 Correct
Dead-Eye Digsby - 6/9 Correct
Salty Jason - 5/9 Correct
- No additional Pirate101 Entrants -

Additional Prizes for Best Circling of Objects - Random Prize
Katie Sparklegem
Corwin Frog

Design a Logo Winners

Even though I did try my best to emphasize that you need not have any art skills for this one, I didn't receive many entries. I was looking for the most unique and creative logos. 

Everyone who entered this category wins a prize of some sort because the small number of total entries - keep this in mind for future contests. You could have entered this one and had a guaranteed prize.

1000 Crowns + Pennyfarthing Rental
Ian Stormstaff
Ashley Wildstone
Trevor Wildtail

Wizard101 Mount Rental
Kyle Wild
Katie Sparklegem

Rafflecopter Winners

The always-popular Rafflecopter was certainly full of entries, and after verifying the winners, they are not only listed on the widget, but also below. It's a shame how many were invalid because they did not enter the extra information or did not complete the action. Rafflecopter shows your email, IP, and information. It is very easy to find cheaters, so play fair.

1000 Crowns
Jereomy C.

Random Wizard101 Teleport Tapestry
Brian F.
David P.

Random Pirate101 Item
Daniel R. 
Lainey W.

Thank You All!

At the time this is posted, all codes should have been sent out. If you have questions about your code or belief you should have received an email and did not, please send me a message. My contact information is listed in the Submissions page.

I will definitely reuse the Render Search and Find idea. That seems to be pretty popular, though I'll probably come up with a tougher one and some unique twist. I really appreciate everyone who entered - it's tough to host a contest, but so much fun to see everyone submit entries and enjoy prizes.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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