Concept101: See No Evil

There was always something about Monquista that I enjoyed. And despite the general dislike for the world, it remains to be my favorite of all the current worlds. The colors, the environments, the story... it's all one of my favorite parts of the game, and I can only hope that we'll return for additional skyways, even if there aren't currently plans to do so.

Now if you aren't a fan of "monkeying around" (let the bad puns begin!), then Monquista might not be the world for you. But I assure you, if you'll think of the countless drains, man-eating plants, and demonic monkeys simply as your next adventure, this world will be barrels of fun!

Monquista, Land that I Love

Even if this short little world isn't your favorite, you can't deny that it has some "chimply" marvelous environments - just take the Monkey's Paw, for example. But they've also got some character designs that I'm bananas for. And that's what I'll be sharing tonight.

This beautiful piece is a monkey with a gun - you've got to love him already. But then, take a look at the detail on this guy - it's impressive. Even for a monkey, he's got a distinct personality that isn't tough to pick up on. And that hat! I love that hat for the same reason monkeys love bananas - it's got appeal!

The only thing that could be better than a Musketeer monkey is a grenadier or something similar - throws his explosives and BABOOM!

Mystery Monkey

For such a small world, there are plenty of apes running around Monquista. I wanted to figure out exactly who this monkey was, as the only Musketeers I'd seen around were crossbowmen.

I used the transportalators to take me to Monquista and stopped in the Tavern (monkey bars?), then quickly unbottled my ship and headed to the drains outside Monquista City, where a variety of Monkey Renegades ran wild. Surely he'd be there. And sure enough, I found him...

Aldo, one of the leaders of the Renegade Monquistans, was the final boss in the drains leading up to Monquista City. But he was not holding a gun. He had a crossbow. However, his image, physical appearance, and everything else seemed to be entirely unique and match the concept otherwise. Then I found something even stranger - he was a Buccaneer! Looks like what I heard through the ape vine didn't pan out as expected.

I defeated him and continued to meet my prime mate Jerome inside the beautiful Monquistan library. I ran around and chatted a bit before ensuring that my outfit was in shipshape condition to take the photo up top. My search had concluded, but I was still confused. This monkey boss was one that I couldn't seem to recognize anywhere.

Detail Apereciation

Upon closer review of the concept, I felt certain that it was a gun. You had a clear stock, a pretty certain barrel, a chest strap, and some should-be bullet pouches around the waist. Did the idea of a gun just get thrown out? And who gave this Buccaneer a crossbow? I suppose this is one concept with a hidden answer that I'll constantly be looking for the key to... a monkey?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral (There are 11 or 12 puns in there; did you catch them all?)


  1. Huh, this is really interesting Swordroll, why does it say Buccaneer , why does it have a crossbow, and will be ever go back to Monquista in a side arc.

    Pun count: 6-7

  2. I found 11 puns! :D I suppose I must confess that I enjoyed the puns much more than the content of the post. Interesting concept, though.

  3. "..The only thing that could be better than a Musketeer money is..."
    Yes I would love a Musketeer money too! :)


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