Admiral's Bundle Crow Nest and Bulldog Companion

Pirate101 Admiral's Bundle Crow Nest

When Pirate101's Admiral Bundle was advertised as having a housing add-on, I was curious as to what it'd be. A good couple of days, or maybe a week, before the Prehistoric Bundle was "discovered," I got to take a look at the Crow's Nest add-on, and it gave me a pretty good idea of what the Treehouse would be like. Anyway, while not the best of Pirate101 housing or companions, the Crow's Nest and Bulldog Companion are interesting enough to take a special look at!

The Crow's Nest, like the Scarydactyl/Scare-O-Dactyl Treehouse, is a movable housing item that can be placed anywhere there's room for it. As Pirate101 begins to introduce rugs and "glitchers" begin to get crafty, I'll be interested to see if they begin adding this houses and such. Furthermore, Mr. Maze Master Anthony Deathbane can use the "Hit X to climb ladder" feature for some interesting mazes.

Pirate101 Admiral's Bundle Crow Nest

If you're one for views, you'll much prefer this addition over the treehouse, despite its smaller space "upstairs." The Crow's Nest is plenty tall, offering potential for a number of beautiful sites - has anyone place this in their lookout tower in the volcano house yet?

Pirate101 Admiral's Bundle Crow Nest

I'll try and keep things short here, but before you run off, you've got to take a look at this Bulldog Companion. While he's wearing standard blue colors here, they'll match the flag of the owner. He does promote at least once, with only minor additions to the outfit. You pay gold to promote this companion.

The Bulldog starts with Rouse, among other epics.

Pirate101 Admiral's Bundle Bulldog Companion

A quick note on other pieces of the bundle - the weapon is the Royal High Naval Sabre, which does some decent damage, receives a boost from strength, and gives the Repel Borders talent. The gear gives the Valor Shield and Gunnery spells. This bundle also includes a ship.

I may take a more in-depth look at the bundle in the future, but for now, I'm curious to know what you think of these movable housing add-ons, and this companion here!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to "'Dead-Eye' Justin" for allowing me to take these photos.


  1. Speaking of glitches, how hard is it to glitch in P101 compared to W101? I haven't been able to attempt any glitches in P101 yet.

  2. Hey, great post like always.
    I wanted a tip from you, I am joining Pirate101 again, and I wanted to ask you which school is the strong one and has the coolest companions?
    I was a Swashbuckler in beta, and I really liked him, where there any changes or additions to Swashbucklers, or anything other?

    1. yes i was in beta and my swashbuckler was lv49
      and he had a move called silent kill it does not exsist anymore

  3. it is pretty sad that silent kill doesnt exsist anymore :(

  4. I think its pretty awesome and am hoping to win one on :D Thanks for the post, it gives me an idea of what I have - hopefully - to look forward too :D

  5. Silent Kill? What's that? I was a Swashbuckler(still am a Swashbuckler) on beta at one point and I never saw it. What does/did it do? How did it look?


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