Morganthe and a Mysterious Past Foe Return in a New Wizard101 World - Azteca

As so many of the gaming articles are saying, just because Pirate101 is getting around doesn't mean that Wizard101 is slowing down at all! In fact, it's just the opposite! As I suspected in my post, New Giftcards Hint at Prehistoric World?, there is indeed a world full of dinosaurs and ancient life! But that isn't the half of it - Morganthe is back, and she's got a mysterious ally to help her. Throw in some awesome new mounts along with a complete collection of released photos and concepts, and you know you're in the right place to get the full scoop on the newest Wizard101 world - Azteca!

Remember, some time back, when J. Todd Coleman posted the below photo, naming it as a mystery location? Well, I think it's safe to say that we've found our answer to exactly where this tree belongs. Today is the announcement date for the Wizard101 world of Azteca!

"Azteca" seems to come from "Aztecs," and is very likely to be full of culture. However, the Aztecs were also given to human sacrifice. We'll have to see how that works out.

Several Azteca images have already been released with articles on their respective sites. Check out that first photo - take a look at that new gear and impressive new mount! And how about the photo below - interesting, is it not?

As many are commenting already, the Aztecosaurs seen in Pirate101 will be arriving in Wizard101's Azteca! That furthers the idea that it's easy to cross items from one game to the next. 

It looks like long bridges similar to those in Pirate101 might just be one of those items. In the below photo, a character riding a new dinosaur mount can be seem preparing to cross such a bridge. This photo is labelled "Twin Giants," so what might that mean?

Speaking of areas, Massively tells us this:

Azteca not only will challenge players to progress through 13 areas but is going to raise the level cap.

Thirteen new areas, hmm? That's not all, though! All thirteen areas can be played for no more than 12,000 crowns. Here's a quote from Wizard101:

For our Crowns players, Azteca is broken up into 6 different zones. These zones will cost 1995 Crowns each for a total of 11970 Crowns to purchase the entire world of Azteca.

Exciting! This photo below is labelled Zocolo, and I'm guessing that's the main area for the world. Check out the view! Not to mention more new gear!

This next photo shows yet another new mount. Check out that forest in the background - reminds you of the Prehistoric Bundle background, right? Azteca. Just can't get it out of my mind! 

You can also see some Shadow Weavers in the background - we haven't gotten rid of these things ever since they were introduced in Celestia! This photo is labelled "Zulton." Another new area?

Now, the name of this photo might reflect the NPC, or maybe it's the area, but it's called "Altoalto." Also, notice that the NPC appears to be a Toucan. Check out this quote from

KingsIsle has seemingly managed to turn toucans into recurring characters. If that's not exciting to you, than you've clearly were deprived of Fruit Loops as a child.

A tricky NPC like the Zebra in Zafaria?

Here's another, unlabeled image. Looks to be another Toucan - or is it the same one as above from a different angle? All I can say is that KingsIsle is making these worlds better and better!

To conclude the jungle photos, here's one of a character, surrounded by trees and shrubs. Can you imagine the detail put into this one little area?

Here's another image of what I believe to be the "hub" of the world. Aztec temple there, hmm?

This photo is labeled Zocalo. Which is it? Zocalo or Zocolo? Either way, it's a neat place. And you can still see that mysterious comment in the sky.

Now things really start to get interesting. What could this place be? These toucans look to be enemies. The picture is labeled "Mangrove Tomb." Sounds like a small dungeon. Suddenly I became less fond of toucans.

The next photo seems to remind me of the Balance house or someplace we might see in Krokotopia. It's clearly underground, with an above light source. Interesting dinosaur, there.

Now I really love this one, it appears to be a gold mine area with a variety of odd-looking buildings in the back. Whether or not all of those NPCs are good or bad, they sure are neat. Photos like this get me more and more excited for Azteca!

There is one more photo. The most exciting one, really. You see, here, in what I presume to be the comet, stands Morganthe, and her deathly helper - who we will recognize. Check out the coffin in the background. In my opinion, it's most certainly Malistaire.

Between partial Morganthe control and a thirst for revenge, Malistaire returns in an undead form to assist Morganthe in what he could not accomplish himself... defeating you!

While Belloq's dialogue confirms that this world is where we will hear the horn, articles also tell us that we may just get a chance to go head-to-head with Morganthe. Defeating her might not be realistic, but hey, my glass if half full here.

As always, everything begins with concepts. Here's one that J. Todd Coleman posted along with the announcement of the new world.

Against, the background trees remind me of some of the above photos, but also the Prehistoric Bundle background - no doubt a hint, like the Sun Palace for Zafaria. Love the use of color!

As if turns out, the Update Notes are available, too. Check out this character display, featuring Morganthe and he new "helper."

As with all new worlds, there's more than just new territory and quests to see. There's a whole load of spells, gear, pets, mounts, etc. While several of these crown items will not be available until Azteca hits the live realm, we've at least seen several in photos.

New spells are definitely going to be a highlight! All of our rank 10 spells are themed with the world Azteca. I find this an interesting concept that I'll likely expand on later. I think it would be neat if Wizard101 had a variety of worlds, specifically more side worlds, that each offered their own themed spell for each school. It might be a utility or lesser-pip attack (which is needed more than rank 10 and above, in my opinion). Either way, casting it would be a conversation starter - "Wow, you've completed that side world?"

In the image, we can see that Life gets a DoT (Damage over Time) spell. That ought to be interesting. The other spells look nice, too. No all-enemy attacks this time, it appears.

However, KingsIsle didn't stop there. They made all new Astral spells, too! There are at least three of each, as we're shown by photos. The Sun spells look to be added percentage to blades, traps, and heals, now, rather than damage spells - definitely interesting. I wonder what sort of prerequisites they'll have, if any.

Among the other classes are the moon spells. People all over are speaking of a Myth polymorph. Whether or not that'll be included here is questionable, but keep those hopes up. The one Polymorph we do see is a Life Jaguar - can't wait to get a look at these new decks and natural attacks and such! Myth or no myth, KingsIsle never disappoints with these Astral spells!
Finally, there are an absolute load of new Star spells. These begin offering trade-offs for greater power. Many have damage and pip bonuses, with incoming damage bonuses as a reprisal.

There are more of these than there are schools, so I'll be curious to see what sort of things they offer. I do notice, however, that there are eight. Based on the picture and text, I'd guess that each school has a themed spell for them, Balance having two - one spirit and one elemental. The costs in training points and whether or not your school's spell will be free are still in question.

Wait a minute... it looks as though the Test Realm is going online. The adventure is beginning already! Can't talk now, but thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I think balance is sabertooth?Look at OTH at the back of the card and the big fangs!But IDK what that spell does!

  2. There are actually several that attack all. Sun Serpent and Avenging Fossil are two that I can pull off the top of my head. They both do high initial damage and then attack all enemies with low damage.

    1. This post was primarily written pre-release. Now I see that the Death and Fire spells have minor AoE effects. I've noted that, among other things, in my latest post with an analysis of the spells! :)

  3. The green guy is obviously NOT Malistaire considering he is wearing green stating he is possibly a life wizard. But this is probably the last world for Morganthe saga.

    1. **Spoiler Alert**

      Not only is this confirmed to be "The Undying Malistaire," but Morganthe escapes, proving this not to be the last of the saga.

  4. It's nice to know that Kingsisle still has a strong connection with it's past. I miss when DS was the final world :'(


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