The Nightmare Pack Returns, Updated With New Mounts, Gear, and More!

The Nightmare Pack is back, and better than ever! Not only can you snag the usual, fun items (minus the original Nightmare mount), but there are tons of new items in the pack, including three mounts and a variety of gear and weapons. There's also a new seed and pet with a fantastic new talent - take a look!

Of course, the grand prize for most packs is a mount. Most of the time, it's one. Occasionally two. Sometimes four or five. This time, there are three great mounts to grab!

My favorite two mounts are the modified horses. They each have a little something special to them. While only one is advertised on the pack page, there are, in fact, two of them. That would make for three - THREE - new mounts total. Are you sold yet?

The first is shown on the right - it's called the Nightrunner! It has green hooves, eyes, and nostrils, as well as "cracks" along its body. Very nice, don't you think?

The next mount is shown above. It features similar "cracks" along the body, but is a red, fiery horse. It reminds me of something volcanic with lava. I'd personally love to have either of the two. But that's not all!

There are really four new things pictured above - the updated gear that you saw earlier in the post on the Nightrunner, which I'll discuss momentarily, a new scythe, the new Cloudstrider Pegasus mount, and the Penumbra Drake pet.

This green, flying, ghost horse is sure to be a favorite. Since I'm not sure that the original Nightmare mount is available any longer, I feel glad that I snagged one a year or two ago. Take advantage of your opportunity to grab this one - he might disappear, too!

One of the other new pack items is the Dead Beets plant - I happen to get one of these in my pack attempts, and I'm excited to see what sort of Halloween rewards they might offer!

As I said above, there's a load of new gear. Since level 80 was introduced, there's new tiers for every previous set of gear and weapons, but beyond that, there's a new Atonement set of gear. It's slightly different than the previous sets, the most notable change being that the eyes look more malevolent than their previous circle designs.

Finally, there's the Penumbra Drake. This is no ordinary Ghost Dragon. This uniquely designed pet gives a Death Scarab card (or a Death Trap card if it's a second generation, or so I'm led to believe). At teen, this pet learns a talent called Dragonblade! That gives him the ability to occasionally cast the Dragonblade spell in battles.

This specific pet received Curse-Giver at adult - I'm sure whether or not that's a given.

In summary, with three impressive new mounts, new gear and weapons, new seeds and pets, and the usual amazing items, you can't go wrong with this pack. Not sold yet? Did I forget to mention that it's currently only 299 crowns instead of the usual 399? That's a good 25% savings! Grab it while you can!

So, how many packs are you buying this Halloween? I ran into someone who burned through 75,000 crowns on them already - yikes! Careful with your spending!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral! (Credits: Thanks to MichaelSpellCaster for allowing me to use his photo of the "magma horse" and the Cloudstrider Pegasus.

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  1. i got the original nightmare from the updated pack so yeah it is still availible for grabs.


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