Boochbeard Bundle Pt. 2: Volcano Island

If my first look at the Boochbeard Bundle didn't sell you, check out these images of the best part - the house: Volcano Island. This massive home has loads of space, indoors and out. You won't have any trouble enjoying yourself in this home, even without decorations.

The house is so big that it has its own map, just in case you get lost.

In my last post, I left you with this photo - these are the docks, and they display the banners of everyone present, though you cannot visit your ship. To the left is a pathway down to a cave entrance, to the right and center are beach areas, and then there's a ramp up to a small lookout.

From this lookout, you can see the entire island!

Moving onto the island, there's a cliff overhang to the left, with an open beach area. Plenty of space here.

Headed toward the Volcano, there's more open space. And did you know that you can only place 100 items outside, and 100 items inside? How will you ever fill this place up?

From here, there are endless places to go. We already saw that there's a save entrance by the docks into the Volcano. You can also follow the right beach area to find another entrance. Or you might choose the left area for a path to visit the house interior. Outside of the main house entrance is a Troggy-style forest, too.

The house entrance is quite impressive. I think I'm seeing a recurring theme in Pirate101 houses: crashed ships. There's the Troggy forest entrance to the right.

This photo is a view of the front door and the bank. As you can see, the interior blends with some outdoor elements.

Zoom out just a bit, and you can see multiple Volcano entrances and the house's edge.

Follow various sets of stairs around the home to discover a variety of different rooms spread across three stories of pure fun. There are some interesting rooms, too.

If you enter the Volcano from a certain route, you'll find a series of caves to roam through. At the end is the exit to the docks at the beginning of the house.

Take a different route, and you'll find that the possibilities are endless.

One exit takes you out to the interior of the house.

Another exit will take you to this ramp, which leads to a door into the house. what a view!

The final exit takes you outside the volcano along that initial, right beach area.

The lookout tower connected by rope bridge to the third floor of the house might be the highlight. It offers a scenic view of the island and volcano - take a look!

If you weren't considering purchasing the Boochbeard Bundle before, maybe now you'll give it a try. What do you say?

By the way, a certain Drakeflame-birdy mentioned on Twitter that the official Pirate101 fansites would be giving away bundles tomorrow... stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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