Halloween Arrives in the Wizard101 Spiral

It's that time of the year - Halloween in the Wizard101 Spiral! Besides the usual (Spooky Bob, Halloween quests, Halloween tower of varying difficulties with awesome rewards, special pets, etc.), there are a load of fansite competitions happening, and you ought to know about them! Let's take a look at the upcoming Halloween festivities!

Wizard101 is trying something a little bit different this year. Instead of a new page for Spooky Bob, they've got a creative pop-up, complete with music, a mouseover description, and animated clouds of smoke.

You can find this interactive announcement on the Ravenwood News page. 

In-game, there's a lot going on. First of all, the Halloween quests are up and running, so get started on those for some cool Halloween items and rewards!

If those don't have you screaming, you can check out the Halloween Tower in Ravenwood. For those of you who don't know about this tower, it's worth checking out. Last October, my blog named the Halloween Tower the second best instance in-game.  The Halloween Tower, in the Top Five Halloween Hangouts post, came in first, as well.

Before I list out the new Halloween contests out for you, I have to show you a quick animation of a sigil connecting wizards to the Halloween tower. It's not the greatest, but ever since my Life Fountain animation, I like to make one occasionally.

Prizes for contests this year include three packs - the Decorating Pack, the Graveyard Pack, and the Spider Pack!

The Spider Pack includes the following:

1 Spider Altar
1 Spider Porringer
1 Spider Table
1 Spider Egg Sac
1 Spider Chalice
1 Spider Vase
1 Spider Vessel
1 Webbed Haunted Imperial Shrine
1 Webbed Haunted Monk Shrine
1 Webbed Haunted Samoorai Shrine

The Graveyard Pack includes the following:

1 Pointed Grave
1 Arched Grave
1 Angled Gravemarker
1 Elephant Gravestone
1 Crossbone Gravestone
1 Zafaria Graveyard Theme
1 Graveyard Tree
1 Customizable Gravestone Sign
1 Slanted Grave
1 Tall Grave

The Decorating Pack includes the following:

1 Halloween Cauldron
1 Pumpkin
1 Fat Pumpkin
1 Tall Pumpkin
1 Ghost Doodle Stand
1 Ghoul Doodle Stand
1 Scarecrow Doodle Stand
1 Vampire Doodle Stand
1 Witch Doodle Stand
1 Witchdoctor Cauldron
1 Witchdoctor Mask

Here's a list of currently existing contests with links directly to them:

Check them all out! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral.

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