P101 Open Play Recap, Bundle Announcement, and Beta Gift

Pirate101 has been busy lately, introducing no less than four new cards to purchase, including $10, $20, $29, and $30 bundles!

Among these are the Cutthroat Bundle, which we'll momentarily take a look at, along with you typical $10 and $20 bundles that include special pets. The newest one, however, is the Admiral's Bundle, featuring a Marleybone Warship, Bulldog Companion, Naval Outfit, Military Sabre, and Crow's Nest Housing Add-On, in addition to the usual 1 month membership or 5000 crowns.

If that weren't enough already, Pirate101 goes live tomorrow, and they've announced the beta gift for those who logged into beta at least once, not including those who logged in for the open play session, which I'll also revisit for those who missed it.

Let's start out with those brand-new bundles! The Cutthroat Bundle has been revealed, and here are its contents:

I personally can't wait to get a closer look at some of these items - especially the house! Here's a preview:

The photo above is the Sharktooth Ship. It features a fancy figurehead, among other features. I wonder what sort of equipment it contains. The photo below is a look at the Castaway Island. Check out the impressive ancient bones, with excess outdoor space.

There's some fancy new gear, too. And if you didn't grab the Ruby Slicer weapon from the Boochbeard Bundle, why not try one of these Skullcutter Cutlasses?

Below is another view of the house. It appears that the entrance is inside the mouth.

The Shark Companion you receive doesn't look too intimidating to start with, but the bundle advertises him as having an opportunity to learn new talents - perhaps he can be promoted.

Read about all of the new Pirate101 bundles at https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/prepaid_game_cards#cards. In other news, the Pirate101 beta gift has been announced. Here are some important notes:
  • Equips to the Token outfit slot.
  • Has a card of the Rouse healing power!
  • Has no level restriction.
  • Is classified as a No Trash, No Sell, and No Auction item so you’ll never accidentally delete it, and it is tradable between your characters through the Shared Bank.
  • The star symbol on the patch will never be replicated on any other eyepatch in game—ever—and will let everyone know you played in Beta.

Remember, you need to have logged into beta at least once, and that does not include the free preview. Take a look at this cool item (click to enlarge the photos):

Finally, a quick look back at the free preview - anyone was invited to log in to the game during a six-hour period to test and get an idea of how things worked before the game hits live (which is tomorrow).

As you can see from the photo above, even locations found later in-game were filled up. Puerto Mico docks were filled halfway around the island.

...And we might have had a little bit of fun, too.

Anyway, don't forget to check out the Pirate101 website - it's updated with all sorts of new pages, including options to purchase membership and crowns. There's also Crowns Pricing, with the worlds divided into story books. It's worth taking a look at.

Until next time, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I bought the ten dollar one today and I saw everything but the 29$ bundle wasn't there and there is no info or picture of it on the game card page on the Pirate101 website.

    1. This card is to be available shortly, but is not currently :)

    2. Do you think it'll be available by Christmas? I was going to ask for it for Christmas.

    3. Definitely. If it's on the Wal-Mart site, that means that they've got it in their system. That would put it on preorder, which isn't supposed to take over a week, and should never run over three weeks. They'll be here very soon! :)


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