Be Back Shortly

I haven't been posting too often recently, but I'm not at all finished here on my blog. In fact, I'd say it's quite the opposite. I've already got a variety of posts planned for these next few weeks. However, a few recent real-life issues have been affecting my ability to post. While I'm feeling decent, I'm going to offer you some insight into those, and give you an idea of what's planned for the coming month.

For the past few weeks, I've been awfully sick feeling, and ended up in the emergency room two nights in a row. After a few tests, I was diagnosed with something that I won't be sharing here, mainly due to privacy issues.

Anyway, I'm still here at the hospital, where I've been living for the past week. Things aren't going so well, and I'm in for surgery this afternoon. Don't worry too much, I've got plenty planned for the blog.

Obviously several contests have ended here, including the United Kingdom Halloween contests. I'll be judging entries soon enough and posting winners. The same is true for my 175 followers contest! Thanks so much for helping me out, everyone - now someone wins 10,000 crowns! I'll be drawing that raffle in time as well, just be patient with me. I hope to have a new followers contest up following the winner's announcement. If you ever have any questions about why I do what I do - including ask for followers - email me, and I'll give you some information on that.

There's also a lot of news-related items now available, including Grub Guardian expansions and the Pirate101 test realm - I'll get to those momentarily.

For now, work with me here - I promise I'll be back and posting again soon! Thanks, as always, for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


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    1. yeah man i hope everything gets better

  2. Hope you start getting better soon and hope its nothing too bad!

  3. Oh my gosh, get better soon Swordroll! =(

  4. Thanks for letting us know - thinking of you!


  5. sorry about that man hope you are feeling better


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